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Re: gforth embedding

From: Bernd Paysan
Subject: Re: gforth embedding
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2020 15:42:18 +0200

Am Sonntag, 12. Juli 2020, 03:58:27 CEST schrieb Serge Balakshiy via Gforth 
discussion and announcements:
> Dear
> Anton Ertl
> I have myprog program. This program is written in C. The program has a
> global pointer to all * mypoint. I want to embed gforth in my program. I
> need to write a function in this program 
> void p_setpoint( int x, int y, int mode ){
> mypoint->setpoint(x, y, mode);
> push(1);
> }
> static struct primfcn  funcs [] = {
>   {"0SETPOINT", p_setpoint},
>     {NULL, (codeptr) 0}
> };
> void run_gforth_script(){
> // I want to write something like this here
> gforth_primdef(funcs);?????

Use the libcc.fs C bindings to call your C program.  You don't need actual 
primitives for that.  Gerald Wodni's fork of SWIG can parse your .h file, and 
generate those bindings for you.

You need to link your program with a switch that it exports dynamic functions 
(like a shared library), to make this work.

Bernd Paysan
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