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Re: GNU/ F-Droid repository for freedom-reviewed Androi

From: J. R. Haigh
Subject: Re: GNU/ F-Droid repository for freedom-reviewed Android applications written in GForth?
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2020 14:57:16 +0100

Hi Ethan, all,

At 2020-08-04Tue14:18:34+01, Ethan Gardener sent:
> […]
> I don't really like to bother with 3rd-party app stores. I'm not good at 
> finding out about what the app store managers are like or who [re]publishes 
> apps on them, so they make me nervous. I'd prefer to download the apk 
> directly from

Me too, though I also don't like downloading APKs from lots of different 
sources. I stopped using Google Play a few years ago and since then have only 
installed from . As Bernd indicated that it would be 
difficult to get applications written in GForth included in the main F-Droid 
repository, I suggest that the GForth project hosts their own 
F-Droid-compatible repository for freedom-reviewed Android applications written 
in GForth.
        Btw., in my previous emails, I was assuming that GForth is a GNU 
project, but I'm not sure. Who controls ? Either way, it'd 
be a lot safer installing from fewer sources, and GForth seems to me to be as 
trustworthy as GNU, so I'd be happy with either or GNU-hosted 
if those 2 possibilities are not the same thing.

Best regards,
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