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Cross compiling

From: Francesco Ariis
Subject: Cross compiling
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 2021 17:04:16 +0100
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Hello forthers,

    I was reading the manual section on cross-compiling [1], but the
documentation seems a bit outdated (e.g. `` target is not
present in my `gforth-0.7.3`).

I tried:

    s" ../mach16l.fs"  ok
    include main.fs
    in file included from main.fs:43
    ../cross.fs:1160: No such file or directory
    $7F984F9A4A08 throw

Generally speaking, how difficult is it to cross compile the interpreter
for another architecture?
Can I do that even for older hardware as the Z80 or the Sharp LH79520?
Or would I be better off bootstrapping forth myself in assembly?
I hope my questions aren’t too vague, thanks for any pointer


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