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Re: Hiw to use graphics in gforth?

From: paul . ortais
Subject: Re: Hiw to use graphics in gforth?
Date: Fri, 20 May 2022 19:11:31 +0200

Hello Anton, Joe,

I wasn't the initiator of this request, but it directly relates to a concern of mine. Though I can live with just at-xy and and scarce polices, the lack of graphics words in Gforth, and the reluctance to provide them in general in Forth, has something extremely bizarre that I concluded is a part of an "elite" club wanting to remain tiny.

Anton, in your answer to Joe, I can hardly figure what "open a pipe" means in reality for me, or "through the C interface" etc.

Reading this I imagined that if only there is a single (Forth) word, for a given OS ok, to draw a pixel where I need it with graphic attributes, That would be cataclysmic in the Forth world. Like:
: Pix. ( RGB i j --)
Then many would be in heaven.

And if this is out of reach, something like
: GraphPg. ( i j --)
  cols 0 do
    raws 0 do
      I maxcols * J + My-rgb-shadow-screen pix.
Would be the first step to an interview with St Peter.
Juste with that, we can do the maths.

But am I dreaming ?

(A bit of help to Joe)
Have wonderful times, thought lovers

Le 2022-05-20 08:53, Anton Ertl a écrit :

On Thu, May 19, 2022 at 08:15:55AM +0800, Joe Lin wrote:

Dear Sir,

Would you please tell us the way to use graphics such as line or draw in

Development Gforth includes the GUI library MINOS2, but it is

Otherwise, you typically can use your OSs graphics facilities through
the C interface.

Another way is to open a pipe to gs (Ghostscript) and send Postscript
source code to it.

If you write something about your platform and maybe about your
intended application, maybe some other readers here will post some

- anton

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