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see command fails for assembly words if gforth not run as root

From: Horia Mihai David
Subject: see command fails for assembly words if gforth not run as root
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2022 22:33:22 +0000

Hi all,

I don't know if this is intended.

On my system, Linux 5.13 x86_64 (Ubuntu focal) in the interpreter, if I run `see' on a builitn word like this:

see +

The internreter outputs a single line

Code +

and then it hangs indefinitely until I press Ctrl+D, at which point it outputs:

   0x7b41880c:  /tmp/gforthdis.clzuXXqIjL:4: Error in sourced command file:
Cannot access memory at address 0x7b41880c

and the interpreter continues running normally, waiting for a new line.

If the gforth process is run as root, this issue doesn't happen, it outputs the disassembly of the word.

The following might help a bit.

After digging a bit (and in my limted knowledge of forth) I saw that while gforth is hanging, it is likely waiting for system to return after invoking a gdb process to actually perform the disassembly, since the following process can be seen in the output of ps: user 14905 2.0 0.0 35928 21520 pts/0 S+ 00:22 0:00 gdb -nx -q -p 14881 -x /tmp/gforthdis.8zOVr0pZEX

the file under tmp contains the gdb commands that gforth gives gdb and look like this on my system:

set verbose off
set logging file /tmp/gforthdis.G5TD0TNpba
set logging on
disas 0x56007B41880C,0x56007B418832
set logging off

I believe this functionality is implemented in dis-gdb.fs source file from gforth.

- Horia Mihai David (hMihaiDavid)

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