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[Ghm-discuss] GHM group photo

From: Adriaan de Groot
Subject: [Ghm-discuss] GHM group photo
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 14:30:39 +0100
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Hi there GNU hackers. It was nice to meet some of you in Sweden. You can find 
the group photo and one or two random bits under

(until the end of the week or so). You can tell that the camera isn't of good 
quality -- it was the first time I'd used it at all. In any case there's at 
least *some* picture.

One of the topics we talked about at the GHM was positive cross-promotion 
between GNU and FSFE, so I wanted to do one of those typical "I was at a 
conference and met these cool people, see group photo" type blog entries. I 
would like to ask if you're (all) ok with (one of the following):

- one of the full-size pictures (blurry and badly lit) going on the public net
- a thumbnail of same going on the public net
- no picture of you should be posted to the public net


  []   Adriaan de Groot
[][][] Freedom Task Force, Free Software Foundation Europe

Free Software Foundation Europe e.V. is a German Verein registered at
the Registergericht Hamburg (VR 17030). Its president is Karsten
Gerloff. For more information on FSFE, see

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