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Re: [Ghm-discuss] Main Topic for 2012

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: [Ghm-discuss] Main Topic for 2012
Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2012 09:51:22 -0400

   To be clear about this, I have potentially unique insight here
   because of my own work on OS design in late 90s/early 2000s. I know
   what's possible, what I (by myself, in assembly, using MS-DOS, MASM
   6.11d, and only a floppy drive for testing) was able to achieve. I
   know there are also people "called" to OS design (very few
   though). It takes something atypical to do it.

You garvley underestimate the work required to make a operating
system, let alone a kernel.  

The major problem is not the fundamentals, it is the drivers.  Without
drivers, you can't use your computer.  Period.  And this is where our
current, lowest, battle is, seeing that the hardware we use doesn't
get crippled, and so that we get access to documentation so we can
write free drivers.

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