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Re: [Ghm-discuss] FOSDEM Dinner

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: [Ghm-discuss] FOSDEM Dinner
Date: Fri, 06 Jan 2017 11:04:01 +0100
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    FOSDEM is coming up in around a month again and I'd like to continue the
    tradition of GNU dinner on the Friday evening (3 February).  Would
    people be interested?

Sure thing.  Please count me in.
    I'm happy to sort out a reservation (I'm probably just going to go for
    the same place as usual (an Indian restaurant in the city centre), just
    for ease of organization…):
    It's listed on OSM as Annapurna, but there are indications it is now
    called New Annapurna.  Exciting times!

heh :)

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