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[Ghm-discuss] GHM 2017 presentations: permission to publish your videos

From: Luca Saiu
Subject: [Ghm-discuss] GHM 2017 presentations: permission to publish your videos and slides
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2017 15:13:26 +0200
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Video presentations from the last GHM will soon be available on , thanks to the gracious work by Christopher Dimech
who actually took care of shooting.

Before I can upload your presentation I need your consent on publishing
the video, under a reasonable license.

On audio-video we tend to use Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike
4.0 International for videos, but some reasonable alternative can be
found -- disjunctive licenses also including CC-SA-4.0 being
particularly unproblematic.  More permissive licenses such as CC-BY are
also perfectly okay, and Christopher's arguments in favor of allowing
modifications on a wider range of distributed works might apply here.

I would also like to link presentation files from the same page showing
the videos; Alex, were you collecting them?  Of course keeping the files
on the main web server -- for example in the GHM 2017
directory -- is fine.  If a copy of your presentation is to be hosted
anywhere on it needs an explicit license as well -- and it's
better to have one in any case.  I'd recommend the same CC-SA-4.0 or
CC-BY-4.0 for simplicity, but again some reasonable alternative can be

By the way, I think the main information on
should be moved to a subdirectory, to join the past editions.  This
will avoid broken links later.

So, if you gave a presentation at GHM 2017, please reply to this message
(in private if you prefer) with the following information:
  (a) whether you would like your video to be published
  (b) if (a), what license to use for it (CC-SA 4.0 or CC-BY 4.0 suggested)
  (c) if (a), what license to use for your slides (CC-SA 4.0 or CC-BY 4.0
If you have already sent a copy of your slides to Alex you don't need to
send another to me.

Alex, can you please send me a tarball with any presentations you have
received off-list?  Stable URLs are also okay if not better, in case you
have already published them.  Linking from audio-video to www is better
than the opposite; audio-video will be reorganized at some point, and
I'm not sure if the current URLs are supposed to be kept.

Thanking the speakers in advance,

Luca Saiu
* GNU epsilon: 
* My personal home page:

I support everyone's freedom of mocking any opinion or belief, no
matter how deeply held, with open disrespect and the same unrelented
enthusiasm of a toddler who has just learned the word "poo".

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