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Re: [Ghm-discuss] GHM 2020 CCC or Dock Europe location

From: Tim Rühsen
Subject: Re: [Ghm-discuss] GHM 2020 CCC or Dock Europe location
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2019 12:44:55 +0200
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I have a first contact with the CCC Hamburg. They have a room and it's
free at the designated time.

They decide yes|no in a democratic plenum, which was first scheduled
tomorrow but due to renovation it will be in November.

Another opportunity would be in the same building, at These offer seminar rooms and even have 34
beds in 2/3/4 beds a room (no single bed rooms).

(including 7% or 19% VAT - 14 rooms, sleeps 34 - per person / night)

Twin room (10x available) 27,00 €
Single room (2BZ for single use) 42,00 €
Triple room (2x available) 25,00 €
(1 double bed downstairs with two mattresses, 1 single bed upstairs)
Quadruple Room (2x available) 22,00 €
(1 double bed upstairs with two mattresses, 1 single bed upstairs, 1
single bed downstairs)

Bed linen and towel (compulsory) once per person € 6.00
Breakfast (optional) per person / day: 6,00 €

The seminar rooms are: 47qm, 120€/day (max 30 seats)
or 92qm, 195€/day

They are currently unoccupied for 19.-21.8.2020.
They have a kitchen where we can cook tea/coffee.
They cooperate with a cantina in house (have to find out the opening
times yet). There are also plenty of restaurants nearby from cheap
(Döner) to ...

I have the accounting records here - they just need to be filled out.

My favorite would be to take the small room incl. beamer+audio (which
costs a few bucks more).


Regards, Tim

On 9/26/19 8:53 PM, Tim Rühsen wrote:
> Ok, two people said yes, 2 have concerns. I would say that is a no go.
> I just send an email to the CCC Hamburg if they can offer a cheap
> conference room. I keep you informed about any new information.
> Regards, Tim
> On 14.09.19 12:38, Tim Rühsen wrote:
>> Hi,
>> we talked about having GHM 2020 near Hamburg (Germany), but not directly
>> in Hamburg due to high venue prices. So John and I agreed on first
>> searching for something like we had in 2017.
>> Here are my pre-selected findings, would like to hear your opinions.
>> 1) Youth hostel in Geesthacht
>> (
>> Pro: Very cheap, enough rooms, 10-15min walk to Geesthacht City with
>> bars / restaurants / Supermarkets / Elbe / ...
>> Con: Only available from October - March (else full of school classes)
>> 2) Vielank Brewery (
>> Pro: Nice rural place, good food (i have been there), bar + hotel
>> inclusive, full service, no need to go somewhere else.
>> Rooms:
>> Seminar:
>> The food and rooms can be booked individually. So I can't name a fixed
>> price here.
>> Currently available 19-22 August and 26-29 August
>> Con: Relatively expensive
>> 3) Bildungsstaette Luedersburg
>> (
>> Pro: Rural place, full service, cheaper than 2)
>> Currently available 26-29 August (reserved by me for two weeks from now on)
>> Con: Just 23 beds in 1 + 2 person rooms. There is accommodations nearby
>> in the village - but not sure yet if they are free during the time.
>> Please let me know, which one you prefer or if you don't like any of
>> them. We can always get a seminar room in Hamburg (e.g. I would ask the
>> CCC e.V. for support). But then accommodations are pretty expensive,
>> from what I can say. And we have to get lunch + dinner on our own.
>> I personally prefer 2) (Vielank) but also have no problems with any
>> other solution.
>> Regards, Tim

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