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[Global-commit] global COPYING COPYING.LIB acinclude.m4 configu...

From: Shigio YAMAGUCHI
Subject: [Global-commit] global COPYING COPYING.LIB acinclude.m4 configu...
Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2007 06:52:06 +0000

CVSROOT:        /sources/global
Module name:    global
Changes by:     Shigio YAMAGUCHI <shigio>       07/07/05 06:52:06

Modified files:
        .              : COPYING COPYING.LIB acinclude.m4 
                globash.rc gtags.el 
        global         : global.c 
        gozilla        : gozilla.c 
        gtags          : gtags.c 
        gtags-cscope   : gtags-cscope.c 
        gtags-parser   : C.c Cpp.c asm_parse.y asm_scan.l gctags.c 
                         gctags.h java.c php.l 
        htags          : anchor.c anchor.h asm.l assoc.c assoc.h c.l 
                         cache.c cache.h common.c common.h cpp.l 
                         defineindex.c dupindex.c fileindex.c htags.c 
                         htags.h incop.c incop.h java.l lexcommon.h 
                path2url.c path2url.h php.l 
        libutil        : abs2rel.c abs2rel.h char.c char.h checkalloc.c 
                         checkalloc.h compress.c compress.h conf.c 
                         conf.h date.c date.h dbop.c dbop.h defined.c 
                         defined.h die.c die.h env.c env.h fileop.c 
                         fileop.h find.c find.h format.h getdbpath.c 
                         getdbpath.h global.h gparam.h gpathop.c 
                         gpathop.h gtagsop.c gtagsop.h idset.c idset.h 
                         is_unixy.c is_unixy.h langmap.c 
                         linetable.c linetable.h locatestring.c 
                         locatestring.h makepath.c makepath.h path.c 
                         path.h pathconvert.c pathconvert.h pool.c 
                         pool.h split.c split.h strbuf.c strbuf.h 
                         strhash.c strhash.h strlimcpy.c strlimcpy.h 
                         strmake.c strmake.h tab.c tab.h test.c test.h 
                         token.c token.h usable.c usable.h varray.c 
                         varray.h version.c version.h xargs.c xargs.h 

Log message:
        Migrated to GNU GPLv3 and GNU LGPLv3.


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