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From: Markus Fleck
Subject: Re: GNU GLUE?
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 03:48:29 +0100

Dan Kuykendall wrote:
> [phpGroupWare]
> > > I checked out the various groupware projects on SourceForge, and it
> > > seems that almost all failed to get off the ground.  One admin, maybe a
> > > developer, and virtually no activity.
> We are very active, and have been #1 active project on SourceForge for 2
> months now, even beeting out the sourceforge project itself.

I'm glad to see that phpGroupWare has made lots of progress since I
last looked at its online demo last November. Congratulations!

Two major problems:
- PHP is merely a server-side language
- Recent versions of PHP aren't GPL-compatible

What I want to build is a decentralized system (or system framework) that
leaves as much control as possible with the user. I would like the GNU GLUE
client to have a rich (and therefore native) user interface and a local data
store (like Lotus Notes). Preferably, the GNU GLUE client should come as a
single executable file for each supported operating system, ready-to-run,
requiring no installation at all, so that it is easy for everybody to use GLUE.

Put differently, GNU GLUE will not rely on a centrally controlled corporate
environment to run. GLUE is supposed to be "user-based" software.


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