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From: Dan Kuykendall
Subject: Re: GNU GLUE?
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 20:32:46 -0800

> I'm glad to see that phpGroupWare has made lots of progress since I
> last looked at its online demo last November. Congratulations!


> Two major problems:
> - PHP is merely a server-side language

This assumes that GroupWare belongs in client code. I beg to differ, I
think web based groupware is the way to go, because it is the most cross
platform solution.

> - Recent versions of PHP aren't GPL-compatible

All our code is PHP3 compatible, so that youc an live in full GPL

> What I want to build is a decentralized system (or system framework) that
> leaves as much control as possible with the user. I would like the GNU GLUE
> client to have a rich (and therefore native) user interface and a local data
> store (like Lotus Notes). Preferably, the GNU GLUE client should come as a
> single executable file for each supported operating system, ready-to-run,
> requiring no installation at all, so that it is easy for everybody to use 

I think that the web based interfaces have much to offer. Granted there
is much youc an do in native interfaces, but so far it seems like no one
is diong so. Evolution seems to be the best so far, but lacks a back
end. We plan to write an XML-RPC/SOAP/.NET wrapper to our API so that it
can potentially fit into this space, but so far I havent seen anyone
doing a useful back end.

> Put differently, GNU GLUE will not rely on a centrally controlled corporate
> environment to run. GLUE is supposed to be "user-based" software.

Centerally controlled yes, but why do you say "corporate"? 
Anyone can install this on their local GNU/Linux workstation and run teh
app in their browser


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