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Re: GLUE / phpGroupWare

From: Dan Kuykendall (Seek3r)
Subject: Re: GLUE / phpGroupWare
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 19:42:17 -0700

Charles Goodwin wrote:
> Apologies for my incorrect assumptions on phpGroupWare; there isn't much on 
> the website to indicate it is anything other than php.

Good point. I will have to correct that.

> Do I have experience of GroupWare?  No.  Is that a draw back?  Not really, it 
> makes me more open minded. :)  I have to say that my average user experience 
> with computers in general is not a happy one.  I could improve pretty much 
> everything I come across given the resources and knowledge.  (Although, 
> couldn't everybody!?)

I have too much groupware experience. I know part of my problem is that
I dont consider MS Exchange/Outlook as groupware. As far as Im
concerned, the Microsoft solution is email plus a decent PIM and
scheduling. Its in no way programmable (dont bother me with the lame
form creator crap).
I have been an admin in GroupWise, MS Exchange/Outlook and IBM Lotus
Notes networks. Notes is real groupware, since you can develop apps that
build off of the core building blocks. This is what I have attempted to
do with phpGW. My plan from the start was to provide useful core apps
plus the more important API to allow the creation of any number of
integrated add-on apps.

> The user experience should define the program.  Why is it almost always the 
> program that defines the user experience?

Agreed. This is why progs like Outlook dont cut it for me. I know its
not completely trivial to build a phpGW add-on app, or to customize its
interface, but its not rocket science either (it just needs to be better

> So, yeah, I'm a bit new to coding in general, but everybody is at some point. 
>  I just want to get involved, gain experience, and improve the experience of 
> others.
> Charlie.
> PS.  Looks like I'd better subscribe to the phpGroupWare mailing lists then!

Im looking forward to seeing you on the mailing list and helping you in
anyway I can


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