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Re: [Gluster-devel] RPM re-structuring

From: Deepak C Shetty
Subject: Re: [Gluster-devel] RPM re-structuring
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2013 12:55:48 +0530
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On 07/29/2013 12:18 AM, Anand Avati wrote:

On Sun, Jul 28, 2013 at 11:18 AM, Vijay Bellur <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi All,

There was a recent thread on fedora-devel about bloated glusterfs dependency for qemu:

As of today, we have the following packages and respective primary constituents:

 1. glusterfs                 - contains all the common xlators, libglusterfs, glusterfsd binary & glusterfs symlink to glusterfsd.
 2. glusterfs-rdma            - rdma shared library
 3. glusterfs-geo-replication - geo-rep related objects
 4. glusterfs-fuse            - fuse xlator
 5. glusterfs-server          - server side xlators, config files
 6. glusterfs-api             - libgfapi shared library
 7. glusterfs-resource-agents - OCF resource agents
 8. glusterfs-devel           - Header files for libglusterfs
 9. glusterfs-api-devel       - Header files for gfapi

As far as qemu is concerned, qemu depends on glusterfs-api which in turn is dependent on glusterfs. Much of the apparent bloat is coming from glusterfs package and one proposal for reducing the dependency footprint of consumers of libgfapi could be the following:

a) Move glusterfsd and glusterfs symlink from 'glusterfs' to 'glusterfs-server'
b) Package glusterfsd binary and glusterfs symlink in 'glusterfs-fuse'

Does that mean glusterfsd is in glusterfs-server or glusterfs-fuse? It is probably sufficient to leave glusterfs-fuse just have and

Another model can be:

0. glusterfs-libs.rpm -
1. glusterfs (depends on glusterfs-libs) - glusterfsd binary, glusterfs symlink, all common xlators
2. glusterfs-rdma (depends on glusterfs) - rdma shared library
3. glusterfs-geo-replication (depends on glusterfs) - geo-rep related objects
4. glusterfs-fuse (depends on glusterfs) - fuse xlator, mount.glusterfs
5. glusterfs-server (depends on glusterfs) - server side xlators, config files
6. glusterfs-api (depends on glusterfs-libs) - and
7. glusterfs-resource-agents (depends on glusterfs)
8. glusterfs-devel (depends on glusterfs-libs) - header files for libglusterfs
9. glusterfs-api-devel (depends on glusterfs-api) - header files for gfapi

This way qemu will only pick up and (the bare minimum to "just execute") for the binary to load at run time. Those who want to store vm images natively on gluster must also do a 'yum install glusterfs' to make gfapi 'useful'. This way Fedora qemu users who do not plan to use gluster will not get any of the xlator cruft.

Looks like even after the re-packaging.. the original problem is still there !
Post re-strucuring ( i am on F19 with updates-testing repo enabled)

gluserfs-api has dep on -libs and glusterfs
So when User install glusterfs-api, it pulls in -libs and glusterfs

This is correct, since w/o glusterfs rpm we won't have a working qemu gluster backend. Just allowing qemu to execute by way of installing-libs and -api only won't help, since once qemu executes and someone tries qemu w/ gluster backend.. things will fail unless User has installed glusterfs rpm (which has all the client xlators)

So today ...
yum install glusterfs-api brings in glusterfs-libs and glusterfs
which sounds correct to get a working system with qemu gluster backend.

yum remove glusterfs
removes glusterfs-api which has a reverse dep on qemu, hence libvirt hence the entire virt stack goes down

which was the original problem reported in the fedora devel list @

and that unfortunately is still there, even after -libs was created as a separate rpm as part of this effort!


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