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[Gm2] gm2-harness-0.96 released

From: Gaius Mulley
Subject: [Gm2] gm2-harness-0.96 released
Date: 19 Oct 2006 13:35:24 +0100
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I've released gm2-harness-0.96 which has fixed a number of the broken
options from previous releases.  The README is presented below, the
key new feature is that you can choose whether to build the Ulm
libraries, (by default they are built and installed).  This option
might be useful, in the interim, when testing the gm2 and gcc-4.1.x
combination, as it fails when building the Ulm libraries.  So
hopefully users could install a gm2 based on 4.1.x and test it with
local projects.



gm2-harness is a simple package which allows you to rebuild gm2 from
source, run the regression tests and install the compiler.

To do this type:

make all
make install

The following configure options are implemented:

   --with-gdb         builds gdb-6.5 (which has Modula-2 language support)
   --with-cvs         forces `make' to download the latest cvs from the cvs 
   --with-gcc=3.3.6   grafts GNU Modula-2 onto the gcc-3.3.6 release
   --with-gcc=4.1.0   grafts GNU Modula-2 onto the gcc-4.1.0 release 
(experimental and unstable)
   --disable-ulmlib   disables building and installing the ulm libraries
   --enable-ulmlib    enables building and installing the ulm libraries
Your system C compiler and associated tools will need to be able to
build the C compiler from the gcc version requested.

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