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[Gm2] CVS latest changes

From: Gaius Mulley
Subject: [Gm2] CVS latest changes
Date: 18 Apr 2008 18:09:02 +0100
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here are the latest set of ChangeLog entries and below is
the current state of play regarding regression tests.  I've
added quite a few tests which stress the new data types:
INTEGER8, CARDINAL8, 16, 32, 64, which all pass.


   * gm2/gm2.texi:  included __COLUMN__ into documentation.
   * gm2/m2.flex:   added column field to lineInfo.
     Use column field to hold first token column position.
     There by allowing
   * testsuite/gm2/extensions/run/pass/column.mod
     to pass.
   * testsuite/gm2/extensions/run/pass/gm2.exp:  fixed include
   * path
     which allows all these tests to pass.
   * testsuite/gm2/extensions/pass/gm2.exp:  fixed include path
     which allows all these tests to pass.

   * gm2/tools-src/makeSystem:  removed '-' from sed command
     so that it is compatible with non GNU sed.

   * gm2/  modified rules relating to
     so that it is built in the $(objdir) directory.

   * gm2/  added rules to build SYSTEM-pim.texi and
     SYSTEM-iso.texi and Builtins.texi.  Rationalised rules.
   * gm2/gm2.texi:  include SYSTEM-pim.texi, SYSTEM-iso.texi and
   * gm2/tools-src/  extended to build individual
     Also extended to implement '-u', '-f' options.

the regressions test summary is:

# of expected passes            5892
# of unexpected failures        102
# of unresolved testcases       36

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