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[Gm2] Mac OS X Intel Update

From: Michael Lambert
Subject: [Gm2] Mac OS X Intel Update
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 13:33:28 -0400

Things are looking better on Mac OS X. With some tweaks I get the following from 'make check-gm2':

# of expected passes            6084
# of unexpected failures        54
# of unresolved testcases       18

One tweak is the following patch (ld on OS X complains about the dwarf format):

---    2008-10-01 16:46:23.000000000 -0400
+++        2008-10-08 08:45:42.000000000 -0400
@@ -56,6 +56,13 @@
XGM2BUILD1 = /home/gaius/GM2/gm2-harness/build/gcc/stage1/gm2 -g - gdwarf-2
 XGM2_1 = ./xgm2
 XGM2BUILD1 = ./stage1/gm2  -g -gdwarf-2
+ifeq ($(OSTYPE),darwin)
+  ifeq ($(VENDOR),apple)
+    ifeq ($(MACHTYPE),i386)
+       XGM2BUILD1 = ./stage1/gm2 -g
+    endif
+  endif

# Define the name of target independent tools to be installed in $ (bindir)
 # Names are subject to changes

Another is to replace '--strip-underscores' by '--strip-underscore' in gcc-4.1.2/libstdc++-v3/scripts/ The manpage refers to the plural but c++filt only takes the singular. I haven't created a patch because I'm hoping it might be fixed with an upgrade to Xcode (I'm running 3.0).

Finally, I needed to do a 'make install' before running the tests. The C++ library (-lstdc++) wasn't being found by the linker. There is undoubtedly a proper fix which can be applied in the Makefile.


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