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Re: [Gm2] latest cvs changes

From: Michael Lambert
Subject: Re: [Gm2] latest cvs changes
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2008 11:13:36 -0400

Hi Gaius,

I'm still seeing errors like

PASS: gm2/exceptions/run/pass/libexcept.mod compilation,  -g
about to call target_compile with /Users/lambert/gnu/gm2-current/ gcc-4.1.2/gcc/t estsuite/gm2/exceptions/run/pass/libexcept.mod /Users/lambert/gnu/gm2- current/ob j/gcc/testsuite/libexcept.x0 executable -g libs= {compiler=/Users/ lambert/gnu/gm 2-current/obj/gcc/xgm2 -B/Users/lambert/gnu/gm2-current/obj/gcc -I/ Users/lambert /gnu/gm2-current/gcc-4.1.2/gcc/testsuite/gm2/exceptions/run/pass:/ Users/lambert/ gnu/gm2-current/gcc-4.1.2/gcc/testsuite/../gm2/gm2-libs:/Users/lambert/ gnu/gm2-c urrent/gcc-4.1.2/gcc/testsuite/../gm2/pim/pass:/Users/lambert/gnu/gm2- current/gc c-4.1.2/gcc/testsuite/../gm2/gm2-compiler:../gm2/gm2-libs:../gm2/gm2- compiler} Executing on host: /Users/lambert/gnu/gm2-current/obj/gcc/xgm2 -B/ Users/lambert/ gnu/gm2-current/obj/gcc -I/Users/lambert/gnu/gm2-current/gcc-4.1.2/gcc/ testsuite /gm2/exceptions/run/pass:/Users/lambert/gnu/gm2-current/gcc-4.1.2/gcc/ testsuite/ ../gm2/gm2-libs:/Users/lambert/gnu/gm2-current/gcc-4.1.2/gcc/ testsuite/../gm2/pim/pass:/Users/lambert/gnu/gm2-current/gcc-4.1.2/gcc/ testsuite/../gm2/gm2-compiler:../gm2/gm2-libs:../gm2/gm2-compiler / Users/lambert/gnu/gm2-current/gcc-4.1.2/gcc/testsuite/gm2/exceptions/ run/pass/libexcept.mod -lm -o /Users/lambert/gnu/gm2-current/obj/ gcc/testsuite/libexcept.x0 (timeout = 300)ld: library not found for -lstdc++^Mcollect2: ld returned 1 exit status
compiler exited with status 1
output is:ld: library not found for -lstdc++
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
FAIL: gm2/exceptions/run/pass/libexcept.mod compilation,  -g
UNRESOLVED: gm2/exceptions/run/pass/libexcept.mod execution, -g (link failed)
Link libraries are:ld: library not found for -lstdc++
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

I don't see an explicit '-L' in the output (or perhaps even an override for LD_LIBRARY_PATH). I'm guessing this might be related to the problem.


On 24 Oct 2008, at 08:50, Gaius Mulley wrote:

Michael Lambert <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Gaius,

Alas, no:

# of expected passes            6318
# of unexpected failures        30
# of unresolved testcases       6

Here are abstracts of the errors I'm seeing.

Hi Michael,

I'm just curious and wondering whether you have 'cvs update'd the
testsuite.  I fixed a bug in one of the gm2.exp files.
now configures its search path to

gm2_init \
"-I$srcdir/gm2/pim/options/optimize/run/pass:../gm2/gm2-libs: $srcdir/../gm2/gm2-libs:." -fpim

include its current directory at the end,


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