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[Gm2] Re: Linking order oddity

From: John O Goyo
Subject: [Gm2] Re: Linking order oddity
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2009 13:56:45 -0500
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Gaius Mulley wrote:
john o goyo <address@hidden> writes:

The order specified on the command line seems to determine
whether or not certain libraries are linked.
Output only occurs if the main module is given last.  In fact,
gdb-6.8 cannot even
find the init part of the main module unless it is given last.


Hi John,

ahh yes gm2 can only compile one module at a time (unless you use the
-fmakeall option).  It should be possible to modify this easily
enough, if desired?

The current behaviour is quite acceptable.  I did not understand the


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