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[Gm2] Recursive -fmakeall

From: Martin Kalbfuß
Subject: [Gm2] Recursive -fmakeall
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2009 02:21:21 +0100

Hi again,

1. I realised that -fmakeall doesn't work recursive. That leads to a
problem. It works as long as all modules are directly imported by the
program. But If I have a module which imports a module. He doesn't
recognize it. Would it be possible to realize that?


Program  |  Library
test-----|--+---SKVideo ---+
         |  |              |
         |  +---SKTimer ---+---SKGeneral---GeneralBase(C-Module)---SDL

Command is:

gm2 -fiso -fmakeall -o test test.mod -I../src/sk -lSDL  

SKGeneral.o isn't linked to the app.

It would be really nice If gm2 would recognize directories as libraries.
-lmylib where mylib is a directory containing the objects and definition
modules. Like a black box. You don't need to know what's inside.


Martin Kalbfuß <address@hidden>

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