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Re: [Gm2] Re: Report on gm2-2010-04-07 on Solaris 10/sparc

From: Gaius Mulley
Subject: Re: [Gm2] Re: Report on gm2-2010-04-07 on Solaris 10/sparc
Date: Fri, 09 Apr 2010 18:09:43 +0100
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john o goyo <address@hidden> writes:

> On 09/04/10 10:53 AM, Gaius Mulley wrote (in part):
>>>> On a different issue I think a few more execution tests will pass if
>>>> you can install libpth-dev (gm2 requires these to implement
>>>> coroutines).  I'll produce an autoconf message to catch this.
>>> I know very little about GNU portable threads.  Can you use POSIX pthreads
>>> (part of Solaris) in their place?
>> gm2 only uses the context primitives of GNU Pth (no actual thread
>> primitives are used and thus the pthread scheduler is never invoked).
>> Not sure if this is possible under POSIX pthreads - but even if it
>> were I still think using GNU Pth is the right approach :-) given the
>> portability of the library
> I was not making a value judgement.  I was just looking for an easy way out
> but I can always put the library somewhere and then add its path to

Hi John,

ok I understand now - does the Solaris POSIX thread library contain
the following primitives: pth_select, pth_uctx_create, pth_uctx_make,
pth_uctx_save and pth_uctx_switch?  If so then it would be easy enough
to link against this library instead.

The m2 definitions of these procedures are shown below:


PROCEDURE pth_select (p1: INTEGER;
                      p2: ADDRESS;
                      p3: ADDRESS;
                      p4: ADDRESS;
                      p5: ADDRESS) : INTEGER ;

PROCEDURE pth_uctx_create (p: ADDRESS) : INTEGER ;

PROCEDURE pth_uctx_make (p1: pth_uctx_t;
                         p2: ADDRESS;
                         p3: size_t;
                         p4: ADDRESS;
                         p5: proc;
                         p6: ADDRESS;
                         p7: pth_uctx_t) : INTEGER;

PROCEDURE pth_uctx_save (p1: pth_uctx_t) : INTEGER ;

PROCEDURE pth_uctx_switch (p1: pth_uctx_t; p2: pth_uctx_t) : INTEGER ;

PROCEDURE pth_init () : INTEGER ;

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