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[Gm2] latest cvs changes

From: gaius
Subject: [Gm2] latest cvs changes
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2010 13:41:58 -0500
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here are the latest cvs changes:

   * gm2/gm2-compiler/M2GenGCC.mod:  detect an attempt to pass a
     type as a parameter and issue an error.  Fixes a bug
     reported by Scott Iverson.
   * gm2/gm2-compiler/SymbolTable.mod:  tidied up comment.
   * gm2/gm2-libs/RTExceptions.mod:  new procedure addFile
     and stripPath which extracts the filename from the
     complete path.  Bug reported by Christoph Schlegel.
     * gm2/gm2-libs-iso/ClientSocket.mod:  modified exception
     message given the increased push back buffer.
   * gm2/gm2-libs-iso/wrapsock.c:  modified the push back
     routines to work with multiple consecutive push back.


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