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Re: [Gm2] no overflow checking ?

From: SiTex Graphics
Subject: Re: [Gm2] no overflow checking ?
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2011 09:55:56 -0700

Gaius Mulley wrote:
> to turn on/off aspects of range checking.  I propose that if -fiso is
> used then all ISO checking will be on by default, whereas if -fpim is
> used this may not necessarily be the case (although for simplicity sake
> it might be better to enable by default).

Rather than altering the behavior of an existing option, I'd vote for
a new switch for such checks, maybe -fiso-strict?  That would preserve
the existing ISO functionality for those of us who are happy with
that, and the accompanying documentation can spell out the significant
performance implications of the stricter option.

In any case, having a simple way to select the equivalent of the
current -fiso mode would be helpful.


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