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[Gm2] gcc-4.7.3 and gm2!

From: Gaius Mulley
Subject: [Gm2] gcc-4.7.3 and gm2!
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2013 16:12:44 +0100
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over the last few days I've checked in the changes to gm2 which allow it
to build when grafted onto gcc-4.7.3.  The delay in getting this all to
build in the last 4 weeks was mostly down to the different build
sequence required for libraries.  Ensuring that the host and target are
not mixed up.  Gm2 now builds its libraries separately (from a different
directory gcc-4.7.3/libgm2) in much the same was as ada
(gcc-4.7.3/libada) or fortran (gcc-4.7.3/libgfortran) etc.  This is
automatically done during the build command 'make'.

Anyway here are the building instructions.  It is very very experimental
and there are major limitations with it.  But at least it builds!

The limitations are going to be show stoppers for anyone wishing to use
gm2 at present:

  o  University of ULM libraries are disabled.
  o  inability to link.
  o  unable to compile code using nested procedures.
  o  unable to run any regression tests.

however if anyone just is curious or wants to test it against known code
bases then feel free to download and build.  I'm hoping now that it
builds and installs the link bug hunting should be easier


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