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[Gm2] latest git commit

From: Gaius Mulley
Subject: [Gm2] latest git commit
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2014 15:17:13 +0000
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here are the latest changelog entries:

 * libgm2/libulm/  added pim libs to the
   path on the createUlmSys command.

 * gm2/examples/pge/run:  changed name of python script.
 * gm2/examples/swig/strlen/MyStrLib.i:  deleted.
 * gm2/tools-src/createUlmSys:  added SYSTEM_UNIXFORK and

 * libgm2/libulm/  added rule to build
   SYSTEM.def as a built source.

the major changes are that:

  * there is a fix for SYSTEM.def used by the ULM libraries
    to include the sized types.
  * also the SYSTEM.c implementation includes UNIXSIGNAL and

which allows any project using ULM libraries to link.  Hence
a reduction in the regression test failures.

now gm2 builds on Debian Wheezy x86_64 with:

# of expected passes      9794
# of unexpected failures    12

the results on armv7l:

# of expected passes      9776
# of unexpected failures    30

I'll be changing the web pages to advise any production system to use
x86_64 Wheezy and gm2 from the 4.7.3 base - as there are no known
failures on this platform.  The 12 above are absent features (lack of
integer overflow detection).

I plan on producing debian packages for wheezy x86_64 immediately,
followed by building it on Wheezy i386, Jessie x86_64 - and using these
platforms to further identify bugs.  At some point gm2 should be
re-grafted onto gcc-4.7.4.

I'll also be pushing changes into the examples/pge directory - to show
how a Modula-2 shared library can be built and integrated with pygame.


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