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Re: [Gm2] Configure - Numerical Library

From: Michael Riedl
Subject: Re: [Gm2] Configure - Numerical Library
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2018 20:42:07 +0100
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sorry for answering very late - too much things around in the last 3 month ...

Concerning the configure I would suggest the following structure:

- First generate all files in InOut - the simple m2cc preprocessor can be replace by cpp if needed, but there are no other dependencies.
  The most interesting thing would be to have the right systems settings for UnixLib.def ...
  Or I concentrate to the interface to the ISO IO libraries as another option. Still crashing but I now have a idea what might cause that behaviour ...

- next to generate files and compile "StringHandler" file - for the m2pp preprocessor only the tokenizer is really needed

- generate the preprocessor

- compile the numerical library

- compile further stuff

But as said - configure and stuff like that are behind my scope at the very moment.



Hi Michael,

I've uploaded a copy of your libraries to:

(3MB of code)

which contain the start of the autotools.  With gm2-svn-trunc the string
library and tools directory build.  The stringlibrary will install and
live alongside the gm2 libraries.  This is worth looking at as gcc
provides a way of obtaining the library directory post install.
Thereafter you can:

  gm2 -flibs=pim,stringhandler foo.mod

There are a number of points worth noting:

  1.  it does require gm2 svn trunc to build.  Autoconfing this library
      was very useful to gm2 - as it highlighted a number of linking
      bugs which are now fixed!  Thank you for this spotlight!
  2.  I used a number of gnu tools to produce the autoconf/automake
      initial templates - so a number of files are present and blank
      (and maybe wrong) for example: NEWS, AUTHORS, COPYING and
      probably others.  These will need manual fixing.
  3.  The bootstrap mechanism I used was to copy some of the shared
      source files into the tools directory m2pp.  I almost regret this
      now, and would with hindsight have created a tree structure
      and made the build process copy the sources necessary
      (foo.m2cc -> foo.mod) if possible.  If this were not possible then
      I would have resorted to placing the specific version into a
      bootstrap directory and directed the path appropriately.
  4.  Although m2pp builds it also crashes immediately.  But one hurdle
      at a time :-)
however I thought it best to push the interim code back to you as it has
been a long time and there is probably mileage in examining the and friends and how they can live alongside gm2,

hope this is of some use,


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