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gcc gm2 and git

From: Gaius Mulley
Subject: gcc gm2 and git
Date: Sat, 08 Feb 2020 09:48:10 +0000
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I thought I'd post a message to say now that gcc has moved from
subversion to git the gm2+gcc snap shot mechanism needed to be revised.
I've written a python script to combine both the gcc and gm2 git

The python script generates a git log of the gm2 repository (on master).
It then produces a sequence of shell scripts which includes every git
command in the life of the gm2 repository.  These scripts are then run
on a copy of the gcc repository resulting in a combined repro.  There
are also some directory move transforms applied at certain times -
reflecting on the assumptions of the gm2 repository and how it would be
grafted onto GCC.

Interestingly the GCC git repro contains 32 years of git commits, the
gm2 git repro contains 20 years of considerable smaller commits :-)
but the two can be combined.  So far I've applied the master branch of
gm2 onto the GCC master resulting in a gm2-master branch in the gcc

Once I've run some basic tests on the repro I plan to place it on
floppsie for public investigation.  The savannah git would continue
to contain the gm2 repository and git pushes will continue to go back
to savannah and pulled and combined with GCC on floppsie.

I believe the script could easily be extended to combine the 9.2.0,
8.4.0, 6.4.0, 4.7.4 branches as well if required,


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