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Re: Current development branch on OpenBSD/amd64

From: Brian Callahan
Subject: Re: Current development branch on OpenBSD/amd64
Date: Tue, 06 Apr 2021 00:20:29 +0000

Hello Gaius --

> Hello Brian,
> thanks for the email - and for the testsuite results. It looks as if
> the majority of the failures are due to linking problems. Possibily
> similar to the -I issue you mentioned above.

OK. That I can look into. We use LLVM lld as our linker, and maybe
there is something unexpected with lld. I will look into it.

> Patches can be sent to the mailing list. Thanks for building/porting
> gm2 to OpenBSD! I read the NULL issue on your blog with interest. It
> should be fairly straightforward to change mc to avoid generating
> __builtin_unreachable calls,

Thanks. But the __builtin_unreachable calls are the least needing
to fix. That problem will solve itself. Eventually, we will remove
the old gcc. We have not used it for anything for many years (we use
clang as our system compiler). Once that happens, it'll be fine.

More important to fix are dealing with the NULL expansion, which seems
like it may permit clang to build gm2 as well (in the non-bootstrap
case like it says on the gm2 website's building gm2 page). And also
the small build tweak to that the compiler makes sure to
include gmp.h's include directory when building it.

I will send patches once I have the time to get everything organized.



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