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Re: [Gnash-commit] gnash/macros boost.m4

From: strk
Subject: Re: [Gnash-commit] gnash/macros boost.m4
Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 23:51:44 +0200

On Fri, May 11, 2007 at 04:16:33PM +0000, Martin Guy wrote:
> CVSROOT:      /sources/gnash
> Module name:  gnash
> Changes by:   Martin Guy <martinwguy> 07/05/11 16:16:33
> Modified files:
>       macros         : boost.m4 
> Log message:
>               * macros/boost.m4: Apply Deanna's mods for boost lib detection 
> when
>                 .so symlinks are not installed, bug 19472

ehm... it is possible that this patch broke the build.
Notification from the automated builder:

Something went wrong during /home/strk/src/gnash/gnash-head/configure.
Last 20 lines of logfile follow:

        SDL flags are: -I/usr/include/SDL
        SDL libs are: -lSDL
        Plugin will be installed in /home/strk/.firefox/plugins
        POSIX Threads flags are: -pthread
        POSIX Threads lib is: -lpthread
        ERROR: No BOOST development package installed!
               You need to have the BOOST development package installed
               to compile, or install libboost-thread-dev and
               libboost-date-time-dev (using apt-get) or boost-devel
               (using yum).
        MING version code is
        MING flags are -I/usr/local/include
        MING libs are -L/usr/local/lib -lming
        MAKESWF is
        WARNING: You need to have the MTASC compiler packages installed
                 to run some of the tests in Gnash testsuite.
        Z flags are: default include path
        Z libs are: -lz

configure: error: Please install required packages

It used to work the day before.
The invokation of ./configure is with no arguments.
Let me know if you need more info.


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