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[Gnash-commit] gnash/doc/C/usermanual/installation sources.xml

From: Ann Barcomb
Subject: [Gnash-commit] gnash/doc/C/usermanual/installation sources.xml
Date: Sat, 26 May 2007 10:44:38 +0000

CVSROOT:        /sources/gnash
Module name:    gnash
Changes by:     Ann Barcomb <ann>       07/05/26 10:44:38

Modified files:
        doc/C/usermanual/installation: sources.xml 

Log message:
        Incorporated Martin's RAM requirements from r1.39 of ../../sources.xml,
        seasoned with a bit of salt from Bastiaan's response to the commit.


Index: sources.xml
RCS file: /sources/gnash/gnash/doc/C/usermanual/installation/sources.xml,v
retrieving revision 1.3
retrieving revision 1.4
diff -u -b -r1.3 -r1.4
--- sources.xml 26 May 2007 10:44:00 -0000      1.3
+++ sources.xml 26 May 2007 10:44:38 -0000      1.4
@@ -26,6 +26,7 @@
   <link linkend="configure">configured</link>.  <link
   linkend="compile">Compilation</link> requires about 100 MB of
   harddrive space.
+  A minimum of 128 MB of physical RAM is recommended for compiling.

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