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Re: [Gnash-commit] gnash ChangeLog doc/C/sources.xml

From: Rob Savoye
Subject: Re: [Gnash-commit] gnash ChangeLog doc/C/sources.xml
Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2007 11:29:39 -0600
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strk wrote:

> Don't bring TimelineInfo in or the discussion will never end :)

  Notice I said "almost"... :-) We had a general problem with this
release in that is seemed nobody could stop hacking long enough for us
to push something stable out the door... Next time I will go back to
making a release branch, so development can continue.

> It's not just "quality", it's "correctness".

  Nobody else cares... please give it up. We must think of how everyone
else will use Gnash, not just a handful of us developers. Most people
will be using Gnash from a binary package, and will use it however the
person that builds the package configured it. I have already been told
by multiple package maintainers they prefer OpenGL. Maybe for the
following release this will be changed, but we're only talking about the
release we're trying to make *today*.

        - rob -

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