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Specifications (was: [Gnash-commit] gnash/doc/C gnash.xml)

From: strk
Subject: Specifications (was: [Gnash-commit] gnash/doc/C gnash.xml)
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 19:31:55 +0200

[ Please keep this discussion in gnash-dev ]

On Thu, Aug 16, 2007 at 02:28:10PM +0000, Melissa Goldin wrote:
> CVSROOT:      /sources/gnash
> Module name:  gnash
> Changes by:   Melissa Goldin <mushi>  07/08/16 14:28:10
> Modified files:
>       doc/C          : gnash.xml 
> Log message:
>       Updating to pull in the new 'specification' chapter

Happy to read this :)
I'm waiting for instructions on how to proceed in filing dox that belong
to the "specification".
Do you have a plan for it ?

In my vision there are two kind of specs:
        - Gnash specs (what gnash can do and how it does it)
        - Flash specs (what we would want by a Flash player)

I think Gnash specs and Flash specs might be the same document, with
Gnash specs being a subset of it (ie: every entry in the Flash specs would
contain Gnash-specific behaviours explained), anyway this would likely make
it harder for third parties to help out with it (Benjamin from swfdec, for

Ideas ?

In general, the specs would be divided in :
        - ActionScript syntax (Gnash doesn't have to do with this really)
        - Player API
        - SWF tags

Comments ?


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