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[Gnash-commit] /srv/bzr/gnash/trunk r12181: Update information about ren

From: Sandro Santilli
Subject: [Gnash-commit] /srv/bzr/gnash/trunk r12181: Update information about renderers
Date: Fri, 07 May 2010 16:53:56 +0200
User-agent: Bazaar (2.0.3)

revno: 12181
committer: Sandro Santilli <address@hidden>
branch nick: trunk
timestamp: Fri 2010-05-07 16:53:56 +0200
  Update information about renderers
=== modified file 'README'
--- a/README    2010-01-13 10:28:27 +0000
+++ b/README    2010-05-07 14:53:56 +0000
@@ -120,11 +120,14 @@
 to render the SWF movie), choice(s) of GUI toolkit (gtk, kde, etc), and choice
 of multimedia backend (audio and video decoder).
-The choices of renderer (pick one only):
+Gnash supports multiple renderers.
+By default it'll build them all in the rendering library, or you can
+select which ones you want:
-or --enable-renderer=agg (default)
+   --enable-renderer=agg
+or --enable-renderer=all (default)
 Gnash can use different multimedia back-ends for sound and/or video:

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