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[Gnash-commit] [SCM] Gnash annotated tag, release_0_8_9_final, created.

From: Sandro Santilli
Subject: [Gnash-commit] [SCM] Gnash annotated tag, release_0_8_9_final, created. release_0_8_9_final
Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2011 09:18:17 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "Gnash".

The annotated tag, release_0_8_9_final has been created
        at  40ee80242ecd9e20af2bcbb684ed8a5a91c81148 (tag)
   tagging  49fb49a204b78aa26f0744de392c8adbd22cb224 (commit)
  replaces  release_0_8_9_start
 tagged by  Sandro Santilli
        on  Fri Apr 8 11:17:34 2011 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Official Gnash 0.8.9 release

Andrew Guertin (1):
      Remove obsolete fix-lod-bias option.

Bastiaan Jacques (65):
      Make sure the glib-returned error pointer is valid before dereferencing. 
(bug #32445)
      Don't pass an empty font name on to the Font constructor. (Bug #32508.)
      Tweak error message type for the correct consumer. Thanks Sandro.
      setup() takes reference counted ownership of the passed GstCaps, so
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Override unplugInputStream so _inputStreams is accessed in a
      Don't busy the CPU trying to use a bad stream.
      Plug a leak by not holding an extra reference.
      For ScreenVideo, skip a byte that's not part of the bitstream. Fixes bug 
      Fix indentation.
      Reduce verbosity.
      Fix a deadlocked caused by attempting to lock a mutex twice. Bug #32557.
      Have AudioDecoderGst handle ADPCM audio.
      Don't cut an unparseable frame into small chunks. Fixes bug #21177.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Revert "Don't cut an unparseable frame into small chunks. Fixes bug 
#21177." while we figure out the testsuite failure.
      Raw (AKA PCM) audio is signed; don't treat it otherwise.
      Allow the FFMPEG media handler to play LE PCM embedded sound.
      Avoid using a temporary buffer that is not needed.
      Remove code depending on _controlfd, because it is no longer assigned an 
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Implement seeking for the Gst parser.
      Switch AUTHORS to utf-8, so apparently more people can read it.
      Make the plugin read sockets in nonblocking mode (fixes bug #32601). 
Don't expect newlines. We can expect to receive incomplete requests, so 
accumulate them over calls to handlePlayerRequests(). Make 
processPlayerRequest() more than one message.
      Trivial cleanups.
      Fix unsafe access of NPString, which is not guaranteed to be 
      Hook into visibility notification events and avoid display() if the
      Use the quality setting when determining what filter to use for drawing 
video frames.
      Initialise dataSize so we get more useful printouts.
      Stop pixel snapping filled shapes, which is unnecessary and makes small 
shapes like text look bad.
      Stop installing libltdl into the source tree.
      Removed libltdl.m4, which goes apparently unused.
      Omit the --quiet flag, which is libtool 2 only.
      New gettext doesn't define $shlibext, on which our scripts rely, so pick 
it up
      Query the DOM for cookies associated with the page if NPAPI returns 
      Fix typo.
      Update Gettext macros to 0.18.1 to solve link problems on openbsd.
      Link in libcore to Ming tests so compilation succeeds on OpenBSD.
      Linux and OpenBSD disagree on the return value of fputs on success, but
      Write cookie files in the format curl expects. Fixes bug #32719.
      Don't throw an exception when FFMPEG seeks to a negative offset. Fixes 
bug #32001.
      Write cookie files in the format curl expects. Fixes bug #32719.
      Don't throw an exception when FFMPEG seeks to a negative offset. Fixes 
bug #32001.
      Don't stop playback until both audio and video have been fully consumed. 
Fixes bug #31806.
      NPN_RetainObject is available in mozilla-1.9.0.
      Minor cleanup.
      Document abuse of exceptions in FFMPEG callbacks.
      Avoid integer overflow while checking file sizes for seeks. Add a test 
for 32-bit machines.
      Avoid integer overflow while checking file sizes for seeks. Add a test 
for 32-bit machines. Should fix bug #32732.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      boost::variant provides an ostream operator<<; it is neither necessary
      Use a 64-bit precision type to avoid integer overflows. Fixing bug #32735.
      NPN_CreateObject is available in mozilla-1.9.0.
      Remove spurious print.
      Plug memory leak (bug #32727).
      Call the function wrappers rather than directly invoking the function 
      Manage the second file descriptor as well.
      Add some documentation.
      Silence warnings.
      Add some user-visible changes.
      Remove dead and unused code.
      Make the file descriptor variables part of the instance. Fixes bug #32758.
      Fix null pointer dereference.
      Let the sink caps be less specific so small caps changes are possible.
      Set _parsingComplete only after all the encoded frames have been emitted.

Benjamin Wolsey (74):
      Don't use wrapper function where unneeded.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Allow callers to decide whether to display or not.
      Don't render frames in dump-gnash unless needed.
      Render whole scene.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Check number of bytes read, fix illegal access,
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Don't force writeLog to off if no flag is passed.
      Fix volume adjustment for less than 100%.
      Fix bogus logic in an attempt to make the function more readable.
      Include required header.
      Fix some parsing bugs and disable EI in plugin.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Use ISO-compliant macro call.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Revert "Fix some parsing bugs and disable EI in plugin."
      Override marking function correctly; fixes bug #32507.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Not all DisplayObjects have an associated as_object,
      Fix tests using dump().
      Drop unused functors
      Do not ignore objects at depth 65535 or the DisplayList
      Const correct for readability.
      Remove unused functions.
      Drop unused functions.
      Fonts are ref_counted, so store by intrusive_ptr.
      Const correctness for readability.
      Clean up, drop debug logging.
      Add comments
      Drop a forgotten debug log.
      Do zero-initialize buffer because the code is evidently
      Add test for segfault in advance chars.
      Play for long enough to get a failure.
      Add simpler test for failing case.
      Do not execute tags on destroyed MovieClips: fixes
      Drop unneeded include.
      Drop exception specification because a) it's not clear
      Correct includes
      Clean up apidocs.
      Distribute files.
      Restore rule dropped accidentally by desktop patch.
      Fix duplicated rule from desktop patch
      Use existing fonts if they exist to avoid creating
      Drop image tag.
      Do not link to or include libltdl where it's not required.
      Assert that an associated object exists
      Ensure that a valid TextField is constructed
      Ensure that createTextField does not crash.
      Drop a missed link line.
      Add ltdl flags back into make dumpconfig.
      Consistent formatting.
      Correct package name for yum users.
      Drop removed files from .gitignore.
      Drop obsolete configuration for non-existent classes.
      Add test for destructive property crash and fix it.
      Remove unused test generators.
      Remove unneeded line.
      Ensure movie_root is destroyed before movie_definition.
      Clean up.
      Drop last raw pointer containers and code for cleaning them
      The required version of ffmpeg has PIX_FMT_RGBA.
      Cleanup comments and add a virtual dtor for safety
      Don't try to implement leading unless it stops making text disappear.
      Merge gprocessor fix.
      Remove some intrusive_ptr usage.
      Remove incomplete, uncompilable, and unmaintained extension.
      Remove more intrusive_ptr usage.
      Drop intrusive_ptr for as_function and remove unused NetStream_as member.
      Remove unneeded functions.
      Remove accidentally added file.
      Remove unneeded conditional.
      Remove unused code.

Gabriele Giacone (21):
      gprocessor output files through a pipe
      gprocessor output files through a pipe
      Fix dist dir removal
      Add -a grep option to process binfiles as text. Fix some openbsd tests
      Fix python module
      Add file under gui/pythonmod to .gitignore
      Could anyone accidentally remove revno.h? Fix #32453
      lib64/ on debian amd64 is just a link. When provided, with_kde4_* 
configure options are full path
      /usr/lib64 on redhat derivatives only
      Add missing echoes
      Make rpm versioning follow fedora guidelines
      Add ~codename to deb package version. This makes reprepro happy
      Fix make distcheck. bug #32743
      Add python and cygnal dist configure options
      Enable distcheck testsuite
      Fix lenny build.
      Fix misc-ming tests in dist testsuite
      Fix misc-swfmill tests in dist testsuite
      Add XMLSocketTester to distcleanfiles
      Fix swfdec testsuite in dist
      Readd swfdec srcdir to dist

Hicham HAOUARI (49):
      Add a check to shared libkdeui
      Remove superfluous linkage in kde4_gnash
      Add desktop files
      Rename gtk-gnash and kde4-gnash launchers
      Remove libtool .la files
      Use system ltdl
      Remove some odd character from previous patch
      Use LTDL_CFLAGS ang LTDL_LIBS produced by GNASH_PKG_FIND
      Use system npapi headers
      Create GNASH_PATH_NPAPI and use it
      Merge branch 'master' into npapi
      Support NPAPI in 1.9.1 and 1.9.0
      Add more ifdefs and sdk detection code
      Add missing backslashes
      More ifdefs
      More detection code improvment
      Add quotes to a path that might contain spaces
      Add checking message for npupp.h
      Add one more location for npupp.h lookup
      More ifdefs
      Add ifdefs in npn_gate.cpp
      Put plugin.h before testing HAVE_NPUPP in npn_gate.cpp
      Add gnashconfig.h to npplat.h
      Add ifdefs and gnashconfig.h to np_entry.cpp
      Add gnashconfig.h to plugin/npapi/test.cpp
      Fix omission from previous commit
      Initialize rv to NPERR_GENERIC_ERROR if HAVE_NPUPP is defined in 
      Use a single define to distinguish between NPAPI newer or older than 1.9.1
      Set npapi_include_dir variable for a saner check for npupp.h
      More npapi.m4 cleanup
      Cosmetic : replace some tabs by spaces
      More npapi.m4 cleanup
      Remove an unnecessary check in npapi.m4
      Fix typo
      Use elif instead of else
      Add missing test command
      Rework npapi.m4 a bit after the last changes
      Merge branch 'npapi'
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Bump autoconf minimum required version to 2.59c and let it handle htmldir
      Remove double quotes from AC_MSG_RESULT in macros/npapi.m4
      Build GTK with --enable-gui=all configure switch
      Cosmetic : fix erroneous tab use from previous commit
      More fixes for distcheck after enabling cygnal
      Fix make_distcheck trying to distclean cygnal directory twice
      Cygnal needs to be built before utilities
      Add gen-gnash.c to CLEANFILES
      Fix python detection on obsd
      Add missing aliases to gnash manpage

John Gilmore (1):
      Copyright displays for 2011

John Wimer (1):
      Apply patch from

Rob Savoye (60):
      update version to the release
      update release version and regenerate preformatted copies.
      put check-local under an else
      use 0.8.9 instead of master for the revno.h generated by building from 
the source tarball
      add to the DIST
      include the new .sh and .as files so make check works from the source 
dist tarball.
      include the new .sh and .as files so make check works from the source 
dist tarball.
      add haxe source files to EXTRA_DIST, so they're included in the tarball
      add to EXTRA_DIST. Tweak source path
      use the VERSION instead of master in the revno.h generated from a src 
      add all needed files for testing to work to the source tarball.
      .as files used as paramaters for makeswf need to have (srcdir)
      .as files used as paramaters for makeswf need to have (srcdir)
      add gnashrc in when MING is enabled.
      For the release, the SNAPSHOT_VERSION is only 0.8.9
      For the release, the SNAPSHOT_VERSION is only 0.8.9
      version is 0.8.9, add mysqll-devel to Build deps
      update copyright date
      Merge branch 'release_0_8_9' of into 
      update copyright date
      update copyright date
      update copyright date
      update copyright date
      update copyright date
      update copyright date
      update copyright date
      update copyright date
      update copyright date
      update copyright date
      update copyright date
      update copyright date
      Drop one space when testing docbook2teci to determine if it's a shell 
script or the perl version
      properly handle 64 vs 32 bit for the plugin directory
      handle multiple messages in a packet.
      reduce verbosity
      update test case as parseInvoke() now returns a boost::shared_ptr<>
      big merge from master to get recent bug fixes
      big merge from master to get recent bug fixes
      tweak snapshot version for rc2
      add new desktop files to the package.
      don't put rc2 into the version, it screws up RPM building. Fix this 
elsewhere in the process.
      add a tilde so versioning works correctly
      rename the builkd directory so we get the full version number for 
      drop the snapshot-rename-dir dependency
      put the return false back in if there are too many attempts to read the 
      add the ~rc2 back in
      Merge branch 'master' into release_0_8_9
      add the new launchers
      update to ~rc3
      add new entry for release
      don't try to package .la files, they don't get installed anymore
      install libklashpart instead of plugin_LTLIBRARY
      oops, add the signature line
      Merge branch 'release_0_8_9' of into 
      add gnash_la_CPPFLAGS to see if it makes distcheck happy
      fetch-swfdec needs to look in the builddir, not the srcdir.
      big merge from master, fix rpm creation, drop fetching swfdec
      add dejagu.h to the dist
      read one byte at a time
      update for final

Sandro Santilli (56):
      Link python module to renderer libs (see
      Avoid overriding the check-local rule, hushing automake warning
      Don't be picky about load times. It is more helpful to have stable 
results. Should fix bug #31971.
      gnashrc is always needed, even w/out ming. Double colon isn't
      Detach aux streamer on NetStream destruction. Should fix bug #32069
      Detach aux streamer on NetStream destruction. Should fix bug #32069
      Plug leak of decoded audio buffers on NetStream deletion
      Do not instanciate a BitmapFilter: it is unused and left leaking
      Fix compiler warnings
      Prevent GnashNPVariant self-copy release of NPVariant member
      Properly initialize referenceCount for NPNObject structs. The _correct_ 
way of creating an object would be trough NPN_CreateObject but that's out of my 
reach atm. This one fixes memory errors triggered by the test.cpp.
      Plug more leaks (in the test, not the core)
      Plug remaining leaks (regexp)
      Make parseInvoke more robust when <invoke> tag isn't closed. Test that.
      Include check.h functionality
      Show how broken parseInvoke is
      Expect the failure. Doesn't help rendering the buildbot useless
      Oops, expected the wrong failure
      Unleash more tests, just avoid converting to string what isn't a string 
(due to parsing bug)
      Make sure our own dejagnu.h is used (systemwide one doesn't always have 
support for expected failures)
      Generated ChangeLog with git2cl and manually trimmed everything belonging 
to ChangeLog-0.8.8 (it'll need to be done again right before release)
      Don't log scripts limit settings too much (once for each change is enough)
      Use "_self" as a default target for getURL when no target is given. Fixes 
bug #32425
      Some more tests (minor)
      Check return from std::string::find
      Add note about plugin robustness and chromium compatibility (the getURL 
      Drop extra semicolon
      Do not expect exact load timing. Hopefull makes buildbot results more 
stable (see
      Fix uninstall-plugins rule
      Automate test for bug #32508
      Enhance loadMovieTest and runner to test you can pass a path-based target 
      Add another test for GETURL tag and '_level.coverart' target. Still 
doesn't reproduce #32506
      Put coverart two levels under root, trying to reproduce #32506. Exposes 
another bug, but fails to reproduce that one. The exposed bug is left disabled 
as it takes too much for me now to deal with the test runner expecting it.
      Avoid bug #32516 for now. I don't have a full week to squash all these 
      Log an error rather than crashing when realizing loading of a movie won't 
work due to limitation in movie_root::findCharacterByTarget. Fixes the 
assertion failure of bug #32506 (but not support for that movie).
      Leave a comment about the override avoidance
      Report url of the movie containing the action block being executed when 
hitting limits.
      1024 bytes turned out to be not enough to properly decode (or resample?) 
raw audio. 96000 works better (was maximum frame returned by decoder when 
passed bigger frames). Re-fixes #21177 and #22284 w/out breaking 
      Make peek functions private and non-locking. Have NextTimestamp fetcher 
lock instead, to ensure the fetched frame is not deleted by another thread 
before having a chance to query its timestamp. Fixes bug #32540. Thanks 
Bastiaan Jacques for doing the hard work of figuring out the problem.
      Don't use scoped_lock objects to hold locks requested by libcurl. Should 
fix bug #32579.
      Rewrite the access to sources part of gnash reference manual
      Provide lock(mutex) and unlock(mutex) free functions to provide an 
implementation for boost versions 1.34.1. Note that implementation for 1.34.1 
and lower uses headers which are not meant to be public. Could be not there. 
Also, I'm not sure about consequences of those calls at runtime. Re-fixes bug 
#32579 w/out breaking lenny builds.
      Simplify command to checkout remote branches
      Do not ignore plugin/test. Fixes bug #32615
      Add a test trying to reproduce bug #26906
      More ignores, thanks Gabriele
      Add test for bug #32625
      Fix test for bug #32625
      Add note about obsd
      Expose a MediaParser::isBufferEmpty method, hopefully useful from 
NetStream to simplify "stop" conditions detection.
      Expose a MediaParser::isBufferEmpty method, hopefully useful from 
NetStream to simplify "stop" conditions detection.
      This is an empty commit to notify that previous one 
(74198b7a44c87000bfe6b9e2b0f30a2d9e95594f) was meant to fix bug #32318
      Have MediaParserFfmpeg::seekMedia return -1 on error. Properly signals 
parsing errors in the upper levels, which then consider the input finished and 
show what they got so far. By all effects, this fixes playback of the infamous 
"the snow plugin" movie, bug #32751.
      It seems we need to explictly link to boost here, to avoid undefined 
reference to 'boost::lock_error::lock_error()' errors (on lucid-linux-x86 32bit)
      Include program counter on action limit notification log
      Add test for Number.toString as encountered in bug #32521



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