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[Gnash-commit] [bug #38084] Superclass prototype method call failure

From: bl0ckeduser
Subject: [Gnash-commit] [bug #38084] Superclass prototype method call failure
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2013 20:37:26 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #2, bug #38084 (project gnash):


First of all, thank you for answering so soon.

After some work, I have finally succeeded in creating
a testcase by modifying This file, once
compiled, will succesfully connect to the specified
server when run using the Adobe Flash player, but will
fail to connect when run in the Gnash player.
And the error is the same as the one I told about earlier.
Here it is again from the debug log of running
XMLSocketTest.swf in Gnash:

PC:5948 - EX: ActionCallMethod
 method name: [string:connect]
 method object/func: [object(gnash::as_object):0x7f755a50e8f0]
 method nargs: 2
938:1] 4743 ACTIONSCRIPT ERROR: ActionCallMethod: Function requiring
gnash::XMLSocket_as* as 'this' called from gnash::as_object* instance.

To test whether the Flash file succesfully connected,
I ran the following in an other window before starting
the Flash file:

$ sudo nc -l 2229

To run the Flash file in the Adobe Flash player, I had
to do lots of cumbersome work.

First, I had to have the following lines in
the file ~/mm.cfg:


Them, I had to setup a permissive policies daemon
on my local machine. Finally I had to install the
programs "LocalContentUpdater" and "flashplayerdebugger"
from Adobe and run:

$ sudo LocalContentUpdater -a XMLSocketTest.swf
$ flashplayerdebugger XMLSocketTest.swf

When I ran the SWF with the Adobe Player, I soon obtained
the words "Plain Text" in the netcat window.

However, when I ran it with the latest Gnash compiled
from Git master sources, I obtained no such text in
the netcat window (and I obtained the debug error
pasted above).

Please find enclosed the modified version of which only fails in Gnash but
doesn't in Adobe Flash. I have not made a git patch
because I have only changed one file. If you want,
I can make a git patch.

Thank you

(file #27262)

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