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[Gnash-commit] [SCM] Gnash annotated tag, 0.8.10, updated. 0.8.10

From: Gabriele Giacone
Subject: [Gnash-commit] [SCM] Gnash annotated tag, 0.8.10, updated. 0.8.10
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2013 23:33:10 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "Gnash".

The annotated tag, 0.8.10 has been updated
        to  76e5b1c5ae5938650aae78fdf332432bb07c93d7 (tag)
      from  2e609a60e6d1a45eaf4a4e2803b1507070602c49 (which is now obsolete)
   tagging  2e609a60e6d1a45eaf4a4e2803b1507070602c49 (commit)
  replaces  release_0_8_9_final
 tagged by  Gabriele Giacone
        on  Sat Nov 2 00:30:26 2013 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Official Gnash 0.8.10 release

Andrew Guertin (23):
      List appropriate headers in libgnashvaapi_la_SOURCES
      Move declarations of what's getting installed to the top
      Move gnashrc and gnashpluginrc things to the bottom
      Move all setting of libgnashbase_la_SOURCES together
      Whitespace, useless comment, duplicated code
      Add jemalloc to _SOURCES the same way as everything else
      Condense libgnashbase_la_LIBADD
      Move (most) conditional headers into _SOURCES
      Sort _SOURCES
      List headers in _SOURCES
      Remove dead code
      Add headers to _SOURCES in libmedia
      Remove reference to unused gnash_gst_version.h
      Haiku uses adipe.h, so list it
      Group setting of each variable in libmedia
      Only add vaapi CPPFLAGS if HAVE_VAAPI in libmedia/
      Remove unnecessary gst include flag
      -lgstbase-10 is already included in GSTREAMER_APP_LIBS
      Remove no-op
      Whitespace, no-op
      Move headers into _SOURCES in libsound/

Bastiaan Jacques (67):
      Add a few more changes and a bunch of caveats.
      Export the correct symbols.
      Another attempt to prevent the plugin from blocking Firefox, seeing as
      Fix typo. Bug #32849.
      Remove unused includes, add forward declarations, use <ioswfd> where 
appropriate, move some includes to implementation files.
      Remove defunct macro.
      Drop defunct macros.
      Revert "Drop defunct macros."
      Drop defunct ALP macro and tidy up in
      Don't pretent XV is still included.
      Remove stray endif.
      Fix typo.
      Remove the --enable-allstatic option, which does nothing.
      Break the outer loop so we don't continue looking after we've found the 
GTK headers.
      Fix copy/paste errors.
      Remove library flags presumably added to workaround typos from
      Wrap AC_LANG_SOURCE in square brackets to stop recent automake 
      Remove extension class loading logic that's not used.
      Allow --disable-extensions to disable loading extensions to avoid
      Forward-declare as_object to make cygnal happy.
      Update to upstream Mozilla jemalloc (87f5bb93303c); no local changes.
      Add macros to allow jemalloc to build correctly using the Gnash build 
      Port over mallinfo(), use jemalloc stats API.
      Don't define MALLOC_STATS unless specifically enabled.
      Comment fix and whitespace cleanup.
      Only compile the stats interface if it's enabled.
      Provide pointer alignment requirements to jemalloc.
      Add missing header file to fix distcheck.
      mallinfo() shouln't be static so that it'll override libc's mallinfo(). 
Use the correct mallinfo struct member to indicate all system memory mapped.
      Update for namespace changes.
      Fix off-by-one that causes an invalid opcode to read past the end of the 
handlers vector. Fixes bug #32950.
      Add a comment regarding jemalloc's valgrind support.
      Fix Darwin build.
      Remove 'typedef' from struct and enum declarations to make g++ -flto -g 
happy. See GCC bug #48207.
      We don't use zip anymore, so don't bother looking for it.
      Drop XPI packaging code which is no longer usable.
      --with-cpu isn't used for anything, and you have to specify --host and 
--sysroot to get a cross build anyway.
      Provide a fallback implementation of NPN_ReleaseVariantValue for old 
NPAPI implementations.
      Remove IRIX hack that does nothing, and in any event the same test is 
repeated later.
      Don't automatically link libz2.
      Link to liblber only if curl fails to link without it. Bug #25499.
      Don't be noisy.
      Only link libXi for FLTK2. Don't link libX11 unless needed.
      Drop archflag.m4, because it is unused and obsolete: GCC will
      Remove macro that used to be part of gettext.
      Remove OpenBSD-specific build hacks, which are no longer needed and
      Remove remaining macros from the previous gettext installation.
      Remove remaining uses of PLUGIN_LINK_UNDEFINED, now defunct.
      Remove unused test.
      Don't link gstreamer or ffmpeg libraries to targets that don't use it 
      Don't link zlib where it's not used directly.
      Don't remove core dumps from the build tree, and let automake deal with 
obj files.
      Remove the mudflap targets in subdirectories, because the mudflap target 
in the toplevel Makefile is quite adequate, and running 'make mudflap' in 
subdirectories only causes linking problems.
      Link gprocessor and rtmpget only to the libraries they use directly.
      Link only direct dependencies to findwebcams and findmicrophones.
      The macros from libext.m4 are unused.
      Remove another macro remaining from the old Gettext installation.
      Return an error to the browser if there's a problem launching the Gnash 
process, so we don't block in write().
      Don't try scripting the plugin without NPAPI support, but still try it 
without getvalueforurl. Bug #32965.
      Fix null pointer dereference. Bug #32965.
      Check for a C++ compiler before checking for a C compiler, so that 
missing either one will abort configure. Fixes bug #31023. Bug See
      Don't look for system headers we don't use.
      Remove checks that define unused macros.
      Prune nonexistent directories from libslist and incllist to speed up 
      Fix typo.
      Prevent _registeredClasses from being prematurely deleted. Bug #34690.
      Properly fix bug #34699: Stop including various "Device" headers

Benjamin Wolsey (318):
      Use a ptr_vector
      Remove commented-out code.
      Update completion list.
      Reduce scope of iterator.
      Drop riscos and xpcom.
      Implement clipboard setting.
      Drop old configuration code.
      Drop unused FD callback code.
      Implement screenResolution for Qt4.
      Drop remaining reference to HAVE_DMALLOC.
      Fix mangled copyright notice.
      Implement mouse wheel handling for Qt4.
      Copyright typo.
      Update news.
      Implement screenDPI() in Qt4.
      Don't require kde headers for the kde4 (really: Qt4) GUI.
      Rename kde4-gnash to qt4-gnash.
      Fix kde3 build.
      Fix qtopia3 Makefile.
      Fix klash_part.
      Fix manpages for qt4-gnash.
      Fix preformatted manpage.
      Fix npapi plugin for qt4-gnash.
      Fix rpm for qt4-gnash.
      Update TODO.
      Implement yesno for qt4.
      Line length.
      Use functions of Movies directly.
      Drop proxy functions and cleanup.
      Don't handle AS initialization depending on version;
      Don't pass a movie_definition to movie_root's ctor
      The displayed version is the one for the root swf, not the VM.
      FFmpeg trunk uses libavcodec/version.h to store the version.
      Test that a SWF5 loaded into a SWF4 still has global functions,
      Move thread id code to the only place it should be used;
      Link pthread libs only in libbase.
      Don't use pthread cflags except in libbase.
      Don't link to everything imaginable.
      Drop obsolete linker flag.
      Don't include everything imaginable.
      There are no OGG_CFLAGS.
      Drop unneeded CFLAGS.
      Don't link to libglib unless using gtk. Don't link
      Don't link to libs unnecessarily.
      Don't use CFLAGS unnecessarily.
      Don't link to or include things without reason.
      Change default server for rtmpy test.
      Link OpenGL libs in libbase again.
      Add OpenGL cflags back in too.
      Use C++-style function signature.
      Fix to openBSD's testsuite.
      Revert "Don't use pthread cflags except in libbase,
      Get movie_root in the most direct way.
      Don't declare or include as_environment where not needed.
      Don't use an exception for exclusively local error handling.
      Drop unused member.
      Don't generate random bools when we want random bytes.
      Initialize member.
      Include order.
      Initialize member in copy ctor.
      Fix some cppcheck warnings.
      Fix more cppcheck warnings.
      Pass by reference (cppcheck warning).
      Initialize members in ctor.
      Fix operator typo in assert.
      Initialize members in ctor.
      Tests for copyPixels.
      Make updateObjects() public.
      Implement copyPixels()
      Test BitmapData.copyChannels().
      Update news.
      Implement BitmapData.copyChannel(); tests pass.
      Implement BitmapData.noise.
      Fix copyPixels() for overlapping ranges
      Fix copy paste error
      Try constructing a boost::zip_iterator
      Use std::transform in copyChannel().
      Add another test for copyChannel().
      Update news.
      Add test for overlapping copyChannel() ranges.
      Make opcode output operators less verbose
      Make the noise RNG more generic
      Separate Video DisplayObject and AS implementation.
      Put intrusive functions in ref_counted.h
      Fixes to XML properties.
      Append node before setting attributes.
      Fix other idmap tests.
      Cleanup and expect swfdec passes.
      Update NEWS.
      Improvements to XML and XMLNode
      Handle _focusrect property correctly.
      Add our own tests for _focusrect.
      Test null _focusrect for MovieClips too.
      Improve floodFill speed considerably.
      Make number tests pass.
      Test and correct case-insensitivity.
      Split long line.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Update README with recent information.
      Installation instructions are in INSTALL.
      Drop obsolete comment.
      Print XMLNodes with an empty name.
      Implement XML.contentType correctly.
      Cleanup XML_as.
      Const correct.
      Fix setTextFormat warning.
      Make sure alpha is 0xff, not 0, by default.
      Use Gnash coding style and drop unused members.
      Don't check that a handler property is a function.
      Fix warning.
      Drop silly comment.
      Fix __resolve lookup with prop flags.
      Do not continue to advance during yesno().
      Handle getter-setter and object __resolve.
      Fix object-resolve for version 6 as well.
      Clean up FileReference code.
      Use AsBroadcaster.
      Cleanups of fontlib.
      Fix libva conditional.
      Minor cleanups.
      Show some delete problems.
      Fix setMilliseconds format string.
      Clean up StreamSoundBlockTag.
      Handle StreamSoundHead tags in their own file.
      Use legal identifier.
      Log only once.
      Cleanup includes
      Remove obsolete comment.
      Don't store as_functions in the sprite definition.
      Use the colour we create.
      Don't construct unused iterators.
      Use the ObjectURI we locate.
      Fix some new compiler warnings.
      Remove unused stop_count.
      Fix includes and new compiler warnings.
      Fix new unused variable warnings.
      Add documentation for recent changes.
      Minor cleanups.
      Header cleanups.
      Remove silly copy-paste error.
      Don't send unhandled key events to Buttons.
      Fix button key listeners.
      Remove unneeded member, minor renames.
      Documentation, drop debugging, cleanup.
      Don't use notifyEvent().
      Expect pass.
      Test and implement Button.getDepth().
      Test more and log_unimpl.
      Correct tests results.
      Use sample count from mp3 data when available.
      Add some notes.
      Clean includes.
      Add sound utilities.
      Use SoundUtils.h
      Use SoundUtils.h
      Remove done TODOs.
      Pass SoundInfos by value.
      Const correct and document interface.
      Pass sound data from callers, not sound handle.
      Add separate storage for streaming sounds.
      Add separate functions for stopping sounds.
      More splitting.
      Update documentation.
      Include order.
      Reduce duplication.
      Fix pedantic error.
      Make macros standard compliant.
      Fix more pedantic errors.
      Use C comments in C.
      More pedantic errors.
      Add a StreamingSound input stream and data class.
      Update comments to match implementation.
      Rearrange classes, restrict access.
      Remove comment.
      Introduce a common base class for sounds.
      Use LiveSound base class and clean up.
      Fix loop count.
      Fix loop count and bug from previous commit.
      Minor cleanups.
      Don't add sound twice to playing instances.
      Make things private.
      Make things private.
      Implement seeksamples.
      Don't parse raw sound.
      Don't waste space.
      Drop unnecessary headers.
      Don't assign false again.
      Add an mp3 click track with ID3 data.
      Start ID3 implementation.
      Use a separate function for id3.
      Update test totals.
      Put ifdef back in because Lenny needs it.
      Fix metadata build for Lenny.
      Rationalize event handling.
      Add interface to check for a streaming sound.
      Merge branch 'main'
      Move QueuedEvent to where it's needed.
      Add click.mp3 to dist.
      Use <ltdl.h>
      Fix some cppcheck warnings.
      Drop debugging and add note.
      Drop old irritating debugging message.
      Don't add sounds if there's no decoder available!
      Don't multiply by 100 times too much.
      Make notifyEvent nonvirtual.
      Fixes to dragging.
      Drop some unneeded things.
      Minor cleanup.
      Trim some long lines.
      Split long line.
      Don't waste space.
      Use boost::optional and make DragState less mutable.
      Add used headers.
      Make MovieClip.prototype.startDrag less picky.
      Test that MovieClip.startDrag works for TextFields.
      Add test for ActionStopDrag opcode.
      Only MovieClips have an unload handler.
      Only MovieClips have constructors.
      Add comments.
      Queued constructors are only for MovieClips
      Add an empty function.
      Don't include headers unnecessarily.
      Reduce rgba interface.
      Add default case to keep gcc happy.
      Fix swfdec test.
      Expect passes from strk's fix.
      Empty text has no height either.
      Fix off-by-one error for DisplayObject removal.
      Implement perlin noise (partially).
      Optimize algorithm.
      Log unimpl and fix unused variable warnings.
      Add documentation.
      Test what happens when there are no octaves.
      Minor changes.
      Do some basic colour range testing.
      Implement octaves.
      Implement fractal noise.
      Correct non-fractal algorithm.
      Implement channels.
      Test channels.
      More small corrections based on manual tests.
      Apply alpha to greyscale if requested.
      Tabs to spaces.
      Handle octave offsets.
      Don't use so many member functions.
      Use an enum for channels.
      Include the correct header for exp2.
      Fix more symbol errors.
      Headers and cleanup.
      Update documentation and const correct.
      Clean up test.
      Testsuite cleanups.
      Various header and namespace corrections.
      More namespace and header cleanups.
      Always use our own exp2 function.
      Update NEWS.
      More documentation and cleanup.
      Remove another member function.
      Remove unused variable.
      Don't duplicate bind functionality.
      Use existing boost functions.
      Simplify mathematics.
      Noise doesn't need to be a member.
      Correct documentation and move function.
      Rough but effective synchronization mechanism.
      Don't access invalid sounds.
      Only update last frame time when we advanced.
      Tidy up a bit.
      Move sound tests into a separate directory.
      Add empty buffers as synchonization.
      Add test for multiple sound streams.
      Drop streamSamplesFetched() again.
      Remove generated swf files.
      Clean up.
      Drop incorrect preprocessor conditionals.
      We use streaming sound for synchronization now.
      Add documentation.
      Allow abandoning synchonization.
      Document failure return.
      Add comment.
      Frame skipping is now handled in movie_root.
      Add a trigger expression.
      Add sound stream field.
      Log unimplemented for a permitted case.
      Minor tidying up.
      Use an ostream operator<<.
      Rename Point to Vector to avoid confusion.
      Update documentation.
      Restore old Button behaviour.
      Use a typedef.
      Add note about regression.
      Fix RNG for old boost versions.
      Remove semaphore too.
      Make debugging output conditional.
      Code style.
      Add output operators for fill styles.
      Output formatting.
      Fix assertion.
      Don't assign to an unused variable.
      Initialize _glWidget
      Use empty() not size().
      Use a boost array and initialize _width and _height.
      Don't assign to pluginsdir.
      Remove unused assigments.
      Fix cppcheck warnings.
      Use empty().
      Const correct.
      Fix cppcheck warnings (preincrement).
      Const correct.
      Fix return type of operator=.
      Output as int.
      Drop unneeded configure tests.
      Fix null pointer dereference.
      Remove useless PATH_MAX declaration.

Brad Smith (3):
      Remove unnecessary OpenBSD libpng detection hack.
      Fix newer FFmpeg detection with pkg-config.
      Properly use mkstemps() wherever it is available

Chi-Thanh Christopher Nguyen (1):
      Fix ffmpeg version detection on Gentoo.

Gabriele Giacone (43):
      Disable swfdec testsuite in dist.
      Fix rpm packaging.
      Add ~codename to deb package version.
      Remove .la from gnash-dev package
      Add mysql-devel to rpm builddep
      Make rpm versioning follow fedora guidelines
      Fix files inclusion in rpm
      Fix enable-renderer switch.
      Don't link against MySQL libs (leftover from wallpaper fix for extensions/
      Add MediaHandler rc option to usermanual.
      Revert "Change default server for rtmpy test."
      Lowercase renderer.
      Add multiarch paths. Fixes natty build.
      Packaging supports python >2.6. Fixes natty packaging.
      Fix cygnal manpage.
      Add multiarch paths.
      Suppress last sid warning. Make cppcheck happier.
      Update testcases page generator.
      Obsolete usleep to gnashSleep.
      Remove unused var.
      Inefficient emptiness checks.
      Memory leak. Replace putenv with setenv.
      Redundant null check. Fix indent.
      Fix build on sid with libav 0.7.1.
      Remove broken message (see 89aa145).
      Remove cygnal/ from SUBDIRS. Fix distcheck. See 40b80d3
      Fix qt4 include paths - see bug #34452.
      Fix qt4 include paths again.
      Update gitignore.
      Fix and update translations.
      Fix update-po. See bug #34654.
      Another qt4 w/o opengl fix.
      qt4 fix for lenny build.
      If revno.h already exists and we're not in git, don't regenerate. If 
      Make cookie file not world-readable. Fixes
      More const for NPP_GetMIMEDescription.
      Add boost headers to swfmill tests.
      CVE-2011-4328 fix. mkstemps and boost::iostreams. See bug #34903
      Fix for old boost and libc6 libs.
      Fix boost::iostreams headers detection on openbsd.
      Add multiarch paths on dpkg systems only.
      Add debian translations to desktop files.

Hicham HAOUARI (7):
      Update code dependencies documentation
      Add libltdl development package to the list of code dependencies
      Add BOOST_CFLAGS to plugin/npapi/
      Comment hardcoded docdir value in doc/C/ for now
      Update NEXT_RELEASE in packaging/
      Various rpm packaging fixes
      Remove from debian packaging

Johannes Obermayr (1):
      Choose right kde4 libdir on openSUSE based systems

Jonas 'Sortie' Termansen (11):
      Require headers to be installed before allowing linking. This prevents a 
bug where the library is found, but no headers are found, but the compile still 
continues, and not ./configure telling the user to install the library's 
development files.
      Require the development headers to be installed to use qt, and not just 
use qt if the library is installed. Installing qt in a manner that these files 
would detect, while not having the dev files around, will let configure allow 
building the qt gui, but the build will break.
      Recommend installing the libspeexdsp library when configuring. Note: on 
debian-ish platforms, this is distributed separately from libspeex, while on 
RPM-platforms they are distributed together.
      Configure generates a script that installs everything it suggests.
      Fixed broken out-of-dir regression in
      Made more user-friendly.
      Fixed building GTK without AGG, but rather OpenGL.
      Don't memcpy data if you need to endian-swap it anyways.
      Added to EXTRA_DIST in
      Documented tu_file.h and makeFileChannel now also accepts a path.
      Removed parse parameter from AudioDecoder interface.

Markus Gothe (3):
      added DSOEXPORT's
      added DSOEXPORT's
      added DSOEXPORT

Paul Menzel (1):
      README: replace bzr with git

Rob Savoye (770):
      new files from branch, seperate the rendeer from the fb gui. Add OpenVG 
      add double buffering and off screen rendering options from branch.
      new files from branch, seperate the rendeer from the fb gui. Add OpenVG 
      merge master into older OpenVG bzr branch, which was imported into git.
      copy files from old bzr branch to get around merge conflicts.
      migrate more missing files from old bzr branch.
      hack so all the new files actually compile, but probably don't work yet.
      rename and make OpenGLES1.1 specific.
      rename Renderer_gles.cpp to Renderer_gles1.cpp
      fix type, use ovg instead of ogv
      hack on old OVG patch till it compiles, but of course won't work yet
      split up value for gles1 and gles2
      add initial stubs
      separate out gles1 from gles2, disable Mali tools for now, use Mesa 
      separate out gles1 from gles2, disable Mali tools for now, use Mesa 
      separate out gles1 from gles2
      separate out gles1 from gles2
      add initial stubs for OpenGLES2.x support
      renamed to separate gles1 from gles2
      build OpenGLES2 support
      add OpenVG render constant to gnashconfig
      minor style cleanup
      Choose a renderer
      use a boost:scoped_ptr instead of a real pointer
      more seperation of OpenGLES1 from OpenGLES2
      only list the default libraries once
      minor style cleanup of conditionals
      delete unused files
      added gles1 option to -r
      always pass the file description for the framebuffer
      move method code from header to source
      move method code from header to source
      always pass the file description for the framebuffer
      be less verbose
      be gles1 specific
      use a scoped pointer
      minor cleanup
      handle error if fbmem memory doesn't exist.
      cleanup comment
      minor cleanup
      use underbar for private data name
      big merge from master
      put everything behind a namespace
      generic EGL Support for embedded Open stuff
      add many more tests
      add many more tests
      work under X11 using GDK
      add conditional for EGL
      add EGLDevice, and the test_egl test case
      add testing method to append RenderImages to the vector
      rename draw_poly() to drawPoly() to be consistent.
      rename draw_poly() to drawPoly() to be consistent.
      memset() the memory for the test buffer after allocating.
      Move class definition to header file. Fix indentting
      add renderer and openvg namespaces
      move EGL_DEPTH_SIZE to the stdnard attributes, so it works for OPenVG, 
OpenGLES1, and OPenGLES2
      move inside renderer::opengl namespaces
      move test_egl to check_PROGRAMS, it's basically done
      change order of the tests
      use drawPoly() now instead of draw_poly()
      Don't build EGL test case unless configured for EGL support
      rename EGLDevice::init to initDevice to be more unique
      use drawPoly() now instead of draw_poly()
      add the EGL libraries for the test cases
      Inherit Renderer_ovg from EGLDEvice, and initDevice() when constructing 
the renderer
      flesh out initial stubs for OPenGLES that match the Render API
      split off GTK window creation and callbacks code to it's own file
      create_Renderer_ovg has been renamed to create_handler
      add GTK support file
      use new to allocate memory for buffer, remove unused code
      initial support to render in GTK window
      disable GTK support for now
      init EGL separate from the device
      initialize EGL. now that it's a separate step
      use boost to time operations
      optionally print the elapsed time when destructing.
      don't print the renderer test total time
      draw_poly is now drawPoly
      add accesors for EGL config data. Use cerr instead of log_debug for 
debugging so it always prints. Use Gdk instead of Xlib for display stuff
      test the new accesors
      rename m_display_width * height to _display_*.
      hack in simple OpenVG drawing test, for debug only
      use EGL_RENDER_BUFFER to get the right values
      add tests for all the new accessors
      add new accessors for EGL config data
      Add support for Pbuffers and native pixmaps.
      add methods for using Pbuffers
      renable GTK support
      add pbuffer and pixmap support
      big merge from master
      fix paths for new subdirectories
      move new files from branch into subdirs to match master.
      fix spelling of cairo
      rearrange noinst_HEADERS
      add path to include Renderer_ogl.h
      add namespace and path for openvg
      Don't create OpenVG renderer for now
      include the file again
      restore using
      remove rendere includes
      stubs for adding DirectFB support.
      use size_t instead of int
      add DirectFB support
      initialDirectFB support and test case
      use size_t instead of EGLint
      build the DirectFB test case
      print out the various config bits
      make initDevice() work. Add more silly debug function for more data 
      Add more test to match the egl tests
      add spport for accessing more of the low level data about Displays, 
Screen, etc...
      start movingcode from libvaapi to here
      change the name of the directfb conditional to BUILD_DIRECTF_DEVICE
      add printDisplayLayerConfig()
      start moving vaapi suppor from libvaapi
      remove extra files
      build vaapi device support
      X11 support for Device class
      convert old hwaccel option to enable-device option, now handles vaapi, 
egl, directfb
      implement printing X11 errors, add test case
      base class for devices
      initialize data in copnstructor. Add support and tests for pixel format
      Add support for pixel format
      add base class header for Devices
      rename x11 to has_x11 to be more clear
      specify a default value for AC_DEFINE()
      use proper ifdefs for X11 includes. USe Root window as default window
      make native window type typedef a long instead of a void *
      derive from base Gnashdevice class now. Add pixel format support. Make 
more consistent with other Devices API
      initDevice now takes a argc, argv to be consistent.
      use the proper HAVE_X11*
      minor reindenting
      add comments about EGL initialization process.
      initDevice() now takes argc, argv
      work as a derived class of GnashDevice now.
      add some comments
      exit if the deviuce can't be initialized
      add constant name to debug config print methods
      always attempt to find egl and directfb by default
      minor editing of print statements
      remove useless comment
      don't store width, height, or bpp, it's better to look them up from the 
      new glue file so the FB follows the same conventions as the other GUIs
      drop gui_fb.h, add fb_glue.h. Don't try to build GLES support yet.
      use the gui namespace to access createFBGui
      wrap the prototype for createFBGuie in the guio namespace
      add emacs comment block
      don't use virtual for a derived class
      move AGG specific stuff to fb_glue_agg.cpp
      add all methods reqired by the base class
      add comments
      add cteareCacheBitmap back in, plus test case
      add the device headers to CPPFL:AGS
      add X11 device constant
      add the device headers to CPPFL:AGS
      add device test, drop using GTK
      we don't want any render specific code in here.
      return the device type of the instantiated class
      return the device type of the instantiated class
      add new required method for getType()
      add support for querying display devices
      don't try to use a device that isn't initialized
      use C++ style comments
      add comment blocks, add gui namespace
      open an X11 window and start an event_loop. These are only used for 
testing, and use Xlib instead of GTK for potrability
      add more constructors to reduce the API steps
      create an X11 window with an EGL visual
      handle X11 visuals, as the Mesa EGL runs on X11
      add more comments
      don't call EGLDevice.attachWindow() for now.
      start documentation on how rendering works.
      add more explanation of devices.
      add doxygen style comments
      see if we can render VG in our test window
      build devices as libgnashdevice to get ready to move this to it's own 
      remove gdk_exit(), it doesn't belong here.
      add libgnashdevice to the list
      add BOOST_LIBS to the link list
      GnashTexture moved fom libbase to libreander, as it's for OpenGL. Cleanup 
link lists.
      add comment that on X11, you can only use double buffering
      improve the test for getRedSize()
      move OPenGL specific file to librender
      add libdevice
      link in libgnashdevice
      remove al the device code, it's now in it's own libdevice directory
      moved to libdevice
      add some libcore paths to CPFLAGS, remove all librender references
      don't use the red pixel size test yet
      moved from librender
      elinate compiler warning
      don't configure optional directories unless enabled
      add libdevices to CPP paths
      add libdevices to CPP paths
      eglDevices.h is in libdevice now
      rearrange files to make devices code in it's own dir
      libvaapi is now under libdevice/vaapi
      move libvaapi under libdevices
      start getting vaapi into the standad API
      eglDevices.h is in libdevices/egl now
      test case for vaapi device
      work towards surviving distcheck
      add headers to _SOURCES to make distcheck happy
      recreate the old libvaapi Makefile as a fragment
      don't FAIL all the teets if initDevice() doesn't work, make them untested 
      don't try to access any devicde specific stuff if it's not initialized
      add private variable for the glue layer.
      cleanup formatting to be more readable
      initial files for raw framebuffer device
      add raw framebuffer device
      change from renderer to device namespace now that this code is in it's 
own directory
      Revert "change from renderer to device namespace now that this code is in 
it's own directory"
      add a raw framebuffer to the device enum
      fix namespace mess
      implement support for a raw framebuffer
      add a raw framebuffer to the output device list
      add test case for the glue API
      add accessors for the memory and it's size
      minor indenting fix
      add namespcae for GnashDevice
      minor reformatting change
      output device code move to the glue layer
      fix typo
      rearrange heavily where code lives, as it's being separated into the 
rawFB device layer and the glue layer from fb.cpp
      initialize the device before the renderer
      fix typo is test, yes needs to be xyes
      remove direct device access. Add some trace starement for debugging
      move colormap code to RawFBDevice
      move colormap code to RawFBDevice
      move colormap code to RawFBDevice
      how did this get in there ?
      be less verbose
      add support for a manual line drawing test to make sure initialization 
actually worked.
      fix single buffer test to be correct, DirectFB is double buffered by 
default, unlike everything else
      add support for a manual line drawing test to make sure initialization 
actually worked.
      hack on the attributes to get it working with a 16bit depth on real HW 
with no X11
      move openvg to it's own test, it now handles multiple OpenVG versions.
      add OpenVG debug display at end. COmment out libltdl till we fix it 
right. Limit the set of default devices to what the babbage board supports
      rearrange headers for different OpenVG versions
      migrate libpng patch from master
      diable libltdl for not causes problems on ltib
      fix typo in libgnashrender_la_CPPFLAGS
      currently when cross compiling for ltib with an external toolchain, more 
libraries need to be added at link time
      reenable testr test case again
      fix OpenVG headers
      ifdef out a few tests that don't deem to exists on ltib
      minor tweaks
      don't try to link librender to the test.
      for now always build test cases.
      apply patch from master to disable libltdl
      add memory access accesors
      add eglinfo so we have a version for our target
      move most of the target code to makefile fragments to be more readable.
      fix test
      add more include paths as some of the input events need them for deeply 
included headers bu other headers
      InputDevice.h is now in libdevice/events
      fix OPENVG_CFLAGS for the two version, 1.0.1 with libMesa, 1.1.2 with 
      tweak x11 device config
      drop the usage of the Gui class, instead just queue up event data to be 
retrieved by the Gui later.
      new test cases
      use a std::queue for all input events
      Use 0x7 instead of 0x1 for the mouse button mask, so it works with 3 
button mice.
      add simple test case for input events.
      moved to libdevice/events/
      input events are now in libdevice
      scanForDevices() doesn't need the Gui argument anymore. ::run() now polls 
the input devices in the main loop, and notify's the Gui of events.
      use new method for coordinate range checking, add some more documentation
      also look for a FAKE_FRAMEBUFFER in the environment, and use that for the 
device to open.
      fix X11 device configury
      add TS_LIBS so we can use a touchscreen
      mostly just reformatting
      add the gui namespace
      fix spelling of --enable-input option. Add --enable-devtests, which 
enables developer only tests.
      make some tests only build with --enable-devtests
      update with the one from master
      base class for other classes that need to handle deisplay devices.
      Add OpenVG support. Move device handling code to DeviceGlue for use by 
      OpenVG glue for GTK. This requires libMesa
      return the window, not the root display
      look for Freescale Babbage board device names for input events
      add new DeviceGlue.h file
      add gtk/gtk_glue_ovg.* files for OpenVG with GTK support
      use Ovg instead of egl in file names
      Use OpenVG instead of AGG
      add newline at end of file
      remove unused device header files, this is now handled by the glue layer
      add the two new header files
      fix --enable-device= option
      fix all test cases to match reality now that we have real hardware that 
supports EGL in a framebuffrer
      tweak EGL config attributes to work on a real 16bit display instead of a 
fake one.
      remove trailing slash on filename
      add accesors for the devices so it's easier toi use in a derived class.
      tweak fake framebuffer settings to match our real 16bit LCD. Move mmap() 
from initDevice() to attachWindow(), so it's consistent with EGL
      remove debug crap
      free the XVisual after using it.
      add EGL support to run OpenVG on the desktop
      add OpenVG renderer support to the framebuffer GUI
      add OpenVG renderer support to the framebuffer GUI
      use a 32bpp on the desktop, 16bpp on embedded
      less versbose
      fix indenting
      add comments
      work with on;y OpenVG, no AGG
      fix device handling for the framebuffer
      getFBHandle is now just getHandle
      add getHandle()
      temporaily ifdef out calibration untill we can get the stage size
      add swapBuffers()
      add the renderer
      initialize the renderer
      add doxygen style comments
      use current drawShape() API, not the old API.
      add helper classes for boost::variant. Implement all the types in 
      add to eliminate linking issues under ltib.
      derived methods aren't virtual
      add raw framebuffer support, fix tests to match rality of real OpenVG on 
a real 16bit touchscreen
      correct note, bitmap_info is now CachedBitmap
      clear the device list before appending to it so we don't get duplicates
      return false for bindClient() and swapBuffer() if not derived
      getDrawableWindow() has been replaced by getHandle()
      handle multiple attributes fot the EGL configuration so they can be 
changed dynamically.
      implement GetType() to return the Fill style associated with the style.
      derive from CachedBitmap
      move helper functions for Fill Styles to it's own file
      rename to follow the Gnash style
      derived classes don't need the virtual keyword
      rename to follow the Gnash style
      move code from header to be easier to debug and more compact
      move code from header to be easier to debug and more compact
      move code to header to be easier to debug and more compact
      add new files
      swapPbuffers() was renamed to swapBuffers()
      rename Renderer_ovg.* to be OpenVGRenderer to be more in the Gnash style
      minor editing tweaks
      use nil not t for emacs
      openvg/Renderer_ovg.h is now openvg/OpenVGRenderer.h
      openvg/Renderer_ovg.h is now openvg/OpenVGRenderer.h
      openvg/Renderer_ovg.h is now openvg/OpenVGRenderer.h
      initialize the surface, use hardware gradients instad of crappy software 
ones ripped off from OpenGL. Handle embedded bitmaps
      add support for hardware gradients
      openvg/Renderer_ovg.h is now openvg/OpenVGRenderer.h
      add range checking to avoid false positives
      more all the attribute tables to their own file
      more all the attribute tables to their own file
      more all the attribute tables to their own file. Try multiple EGL 
      if attachWindow() fails, nothing else will work properly.
      tweak EGL config so it works on both 32 and 17bpp displays, with both 
OpenVG 1.0 and OpenVG 1.1
      clean up formatting
      don't swap if single buffered
      call prepDrawingArea() for OPenVG too
      add accessor for variant to return GnahImage
      get image handling of bitmaps working
      update comment
      Add comments.
      be less verbose
      add accessor for the display depth from the device
      be less verbose
      be less verbose
      use a back buffer instead of single buffering
      be less verbose
      clear the display before rendering the next frame
      reset input devices to no, or we can't select just one
      add evtest from
      Select a subset of possible input devices, in our case, just the Babbage 
      only minor reformatting changes
      add more event types
      properly support Linux input events types that use absolute position 
reporting. Initize the touchscreen input_absinfo.
      openvg.h, not open.h
      nil not NIL for emacs block
      clear the entire display, not just the size of the swf being renderered.
      improve 32/16 bit handling for bitmaps
      simple test case for gradients, not designed for automated testing.
      implement working linear gradients via OpenVG hardware acceleration.
      use more ramp stops
      dump the value of the Alpha Mask Size
      don't try to mask if it's disabled.  Fx radial gradients to use the color.
      move some code from the source to the header, so the static functions for 
scanning devices work without Linux Input events.
      Renderer_ovg.h is now OpenVGRenderer.h
      don't dump
      remove commented out lines
      fix bitmap loading
      merge apply() into createPatternBitmap()
      add rcfile, so the renderer is configurable at runtime. Use tslib with 
Babbage tablet instead of linux input events.
      cleanup position handling, as we can use ts_calibrate instead of our own
      move scanDevices() from the header back to the src
      don't convert mouse locations when using tslib, as tslib does it for us.
      only minor formatting changes
      cleanup image creation
      add doxygen comments
      improve formatting
      fix comment
      get the ramp data from gnash to do hardware accelerated gradient correctly
      add accesor to get the vector of Gradient Records.
      minor reformatting only
      add private data for the aspect ratio, so we can adjust bitmaps to be 
      enable debug message, remove blank lines
      remove extra FBGlue constructor/destructor
      Use CXForm for all bitmaps.
      disable the defaults when enable-device is specified
      initialize AGG renderer and set the size
      add EGL_CFLAGS for all egl code
      return something
      destroy the surrace if it exists
      add dejagu.h to the dist
      merge from release_0_8_9 branch to get all copyright changes.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      big merge from release branch to get mostly just copyright date changes
      merge from master for rpm changes
      huge merge to catch up with master, still a few changed API bugs to fix
      fix function definition
      adjust namespace definitions
      merge from master
      check for gles1 and gles2 errors separetely
      reenable Texture support for OpenGL, look in libdevice for headers
      remove stubs
      remove gles2 as it will be better to recreate in the far future
      remove gles2 as it will be better to recreate in the far future
      pass in defaut argument
      rename create_Renderer_ogl to create_handler
      make const correct to work with the latest Gnash internal  rendering API
      drop gles2 header
      cleanup warnings about unused variables
      drop original version that is unused
      make whether the drawing area needs to be intitizlized when realized 
dynamic, rather than a compile time option.
      add error message fr bad window handle
      drop references to gles2
      fix config ifdef for DirectFB support
      merge with master
      add utilities back into DIST_SUBDIRS
      convert dump/ to dump/
      create_Renderer_ogl is now renderer::opengl::create_handler
      disable developer only tests by default
      drawPoly() is still draw_poly() in this branch
      silence warning
      PTHREAD_LIBS should always follow BOOST_LIBS
      add LTDL_LIBS to the link
      add utilities back in as a STD_DIR
      commit file #23105 for patch #7523
      Merge branch 'master' into hwaccel
      merge from master
      merge from master
      remove smart_ptr.h include
      big merge from master
      add LIBVA_LIBS to LDADD if VAAPI is enabled
      add LIBVA_LIBS and LIBVA_X11_LIBS to LDADD if VAAPI is enabled to the 
Cairo glue too
      add default for gtk_gnash_LDADD, renders add only those libs
      rtmpget needs PTHREAD_LIBS on natty
      remove fluendo mp3 plugin
      don't prefix va with lib when finging libva support
      support AGG again in additional to OpenVG. Use the command line args to 
change renderers.
      update copyright date
      cleanup to eliminate compiler warnings
      merge from master
      VaapiImageFormat.h is in vaapi now
      merge from master
      don't initialize OpenVG like OpenGL
      throw an exception if we can't create an OpenVG context, as nothing will 
work anyway
      throw an exception if we can't make the context current. Add more comments
      use HAVE_VA_VA_H instead of RENDERER_AGG for including the vaapi glue 
      vaapi headers need vaapi/ prefixed to the name.
      Gnash*Texture files moved to librender
      revert libva changes till a better solutuon is found
      fix typo in help string
      use found_libva_incl instead of found_va_incl for the VAAPI conditional
      don't always add the libva GLX library
      cleanup handling of libva libraries so they work for all guis.
      throw and exception instead of returning an error if the window handle is 
      fix test for pkgroot
      define boolean as int when using mingw32
      only define boolean for jpeg 7
      pass argc & argv to init. Add comments
      merge from master
      merge from master
      Merge branch 'master' into hwaccel
      move #endif to not drop the closing brace
      initialize the4 renderer before preping the drawing area.
      less verbose
      less verbose
      Merge branch 'master' into hwaccel
      attach the window to the device
      Add support for the GnashDevice display
      use createRenderHandler() instead of create_Renderer_agg so it works with 
the new API
      don't build OpenVG support if no dev files found.
      remove commented out code blocks
      handle the user error of openvg being specified, but not having any dev 
      Use OPENVG_* instead of OVG_* for debug message
      eliminate warnings, even though this is just a debugging app for 
      eliminate compiler warnings
      add README explaining the DirectFB code needs to be fully implemented.
      fixed unused compiler warnings and update the copyright date.
      update the copyright date.
      update the copyright date.
      update the copyright date.
      adjust the order of variable initialization in the constructors. Update 
the copyright date, and get rid of a few compiler warnings.
      update the copyright date.
      we always need OPENVG_STATIC_LIBRARY defined in CXXFLAGS
      use a different config constant for OpenVG headers.
      create_Renderer_ogl() is now openvg::create_handler()
      don't print Matrix debug info
      be less verbose
      oneric moves libOpenVG into it's own directory
      add comment about oneric and openvg library locations.
      fix comment typos
      merge from master
      eliminate unused variable warning
      eliminate unused variable warning
      create_Renderer_ogl is now renderer::opengl::create_handler
      merge from master
      Merge branch 'master' into hwaccel
      Merge branch 'master' into hwaccel
      eliminate warnings, even though this is mostly just stubs for future de 
      drop a few blank lines
      add 2011 to copyright date.
      eliminate warning about unused variable
      Merge branch 'master' into hwaccel
      remove style changes, they're now in a new branch instead
      don't build the fb gui nor EGL by default, only if openvg is soecified.
      add option to disable debug logging, which is a performance hit
      disable logging if configured that way
      it helps if the option is spelled right.
      Revert "it helps if the option is spelled right."
      Revert "disable logging if configured that way"
      add comments, tweak dimensions for debugging.
      remove extra blank lines
      tweak privates & constructor. Implement linear gradients
      use StyleHandler for gradients
      fix bitmap handling to work with StyleHandler. Remove all accessor style 
      support bitmaps, improve gradient support
      fix comments
      fix handling of solid fills, use StyleHandler, remove unused 
      less verbose
      less verbose
      merge from style branch
      Merge branch 'hwaccel'
      use instead of dump as a SUBDIR
      using += in bourne shell is not portable. Fixes natty-ARM builds
      the pythonmod also needs a path to libdevice
      optional utilities need cygnal to be built first.
      drop the pythonmod for packages, as pyGTK has been depreciated.
      minor style changes in brace placement
      change t to nil for emacs tab-mode
      add new option to force a mouse pointer so touchscreen SWF files work on 
the desktop with a mouse.
      Use new option to optionally force the mouse pointer to be visible.
      minor style changes in brace placement
      build all devices too for distcheck
      build the raw device if the FB GUI and AGG are to be built
      add test for resolution field for input events
      include errno to keep Lenny happy
      include errno to keep Lenny happy, and optionally use inpout event field 
for resolution
      Ubuntu patch for recent ffmpeg versions merged in by hand, as it was 
based on an older release.
      fixes for other ffmpeg versions and distributions
      more fixes for other ffmpeg versions and distributions
      include avcodec.h if it exists
      change order of ifdef
      optionally include avcodec.h
      minor version tweaks to get Lenny to build with the patch.
      revert merge mess
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Don't do anything if we have no timers, just return so we don't waste cpu 
      increase the default delay to 50ms
      only look for an invoke packet if _controlfd is actually set
      use a regualr iterator instead of std::for_each, so we can do loop 
through all the liveChars only once
      set the delay back to 10ms
      don't use AC_MSG_ERROR, as it exits after message.
      forceably remove ubuntu patch as the revert seems to have not worked 
      Merge branch 'master' into noise
      don't build the OpenGL renderer by default, as it suffers from both 
performance and rendering quality issues.
      Don't configure in Linux input events on any BSD distro. For bug #34373.
      fix typo, only build inout events on Linux
      add a few new things
      gtkglext is unneeded, as the OpenGL support is no longer built by default.
      Always build libdevice/Makefile so distcheck is happy. Add Make 
conditional for LINUX. Fix inpout_event list text
      Use conditional for LINUX so input devices are only built on Linux 
systems. Put cygnal libdevice in DIST_SUBDIRS or they won't get included in the 
source tarball.
      Only have one AC_OUTPUT, as otherwise the optional directories cause 
distcheck to fail.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      minor reformatting
      for distcheck, set cxxflags to -O0 to speed up builds. Only use SUBDIRS, 
as automake groks the correct optional directories. Otherwise directories 
appear twice, causing distcheck to fail.
      Don't disable optimization for distcheck
      clarify that software double buffering is for AGG only.
      enable double buffering by default for AGG with a framebuffer
      fix typos in comment
      add virtual accessor to get the offscreen buffer memory.
      add accessors for framebuffer and ofscreen buffer
      clear the offscreen buffer in addition to the framebuffer
      tweak indenting, minor change
      update from latest builds
      tweaks for the OLPC XO 1.75, which doesn't distribute kde or qt
      minor reformatting changes only
      merge with master
      Merge branch 'master' into noise
      Merge branch 'master' into noise
      set the delay timeout to the frame rate
      Use the default of 10ms for low framerate files
      Use __null instead of NULL for pointers
      Merge branch 'master' of
      include Point2d.h so EGL devices still builds after other changes that 
broke compilation
      remove debug accessor for drawbounds, as it's unused
      add comment about the interval
      add comment about the threshold value
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Don't create the shared object directory if they're read only, bug #34837
      add xulrunner-dev or firefox-dev for Build Deps
      const is needed for some of the NPAPI functions for Oneiric with 
      const is needed for some of the NPAPI functions for Oneiric with 
      BZ2_LIBS needs to be in the link when using --as-needed
      Fix #34708, but breaks #32956. YouTube video player is now the correct 
      Merge branch 'master' into noise
      Buffer is in cygnal namespace now, not amf
      Buffer is in cygnal namespace now, not amf
      Don't do anything if we have no timers.
      Cleanup compilation warnings when using -pedantic for #34911
      Cleanup compilation warnings when using -pedantic
      cleanup various compilation warnings and errors so make check works with 
      don't manually draw a line for now
      add test for the stride
      Add swapBuffers() for double buffering. USe a standard pointer for 
_fbmem, so boost doesn't try to free it. Fix test case
      add comments about swapBuffers() beyhaviour
      add getStride() to base class
      make isSingleBuffered() really work.
      use getStride() instead of calculating it ourselves
      use isSingleBuffered() instead of ifdef
      remove commented out lines
      fix copyright date
      remove leftover double buffering code that is now replaced by 
      add getStride() as it's now in the base class
      cleanup AGG double buffering to work with libdevice
      use the protected GnashDevice from the base class, instead of our own.
      merge from master
      use isSingleBuffered() instead of getOffscreenBuffer()
      move swapBuffers() from header to source file
      remove unused code that's now in swapBuffers(). Remove unused local copy 
of the framebuffer data, it's now in RawFBDevice
      be less verbose
      mention improved double buffering support
      reenable InvalidatedRegions for AGG in a framebuffer
      add resize_view()
      add resize_view()
      reenable fullscreen support
      add accesor to get the movie's FPS
      use the movie frame rate to adjust the delay between frames. Also make 
the default interval larger, too small a value eats the cpu
      Merge branch 'master' of
      merge from noise branch so adjusting the time interval works the same way 
for the framebuffer
      add support for EV_MSC events when used for keyboard input
      Merge branch 'master' of
      add initial support for uinout, ie.. User Mode mouse control, so we can 
move the cursor.
      new file for the Uinput device
      add .gdb_history
      add events/UinputDevice.cpp to build
      add a UInput device to the base class.
      use new uinput device to control the cursor
      don't enable the PS/2 mouse by default, we use input events for the mouse 
      cleanup optional PS/2 mouse handlingm use InputDevice::convertAbsCoords() 
instead of MouseDevice::convertCoordinates()
      fix input device mouse support.
      use nil instead of t for emacs indent-tabs-mode
      Merge branch 'dbbuf'
      initialize netfd to eliminate compiler warning
      only dump data when -d is specified
      eliminate compiler warnings
      eliminate compiler warnings
      initialize private data
      eliminate compiler warnings
      build libdevice before libbase so the vaapi support gets built first
      use correct path to vaapi headers and library
      add GnashVaapiTexture.cpp back into the build.
      cygnal needs libgnashrender if vaap is built.
      only build EGL tests when specified
      drop dependency on
      use the right conditional
      only build developer tests when specified.
      add lingnashrender to the link
      don't make EGL dependent on OpenVG
      move endif so EGL builds
      Don't build OpenVG as part of =all
      only build developer tests if configured that way
      return an error if no message received
      Build all devices and renderers for distcheck
      add macro so new strings get found by xgettext, so they can be translated.
      add macro so new strings get found by xgettext, so they can be translated.
      add macro so new strings get found by xgettext, so they can be translated.
      add macro so new strings get found by xgettext, so they can be translated.
      add macro so new strings get found by xgettext, so they can be translated.
      updated with new strings
      add macro so new strings get found by xgettext, so they can be translated.
      add macro so new strings get found by xgettext, so they can be translated.
      updated with new strings
      add macro so new strings get found by xgettext, so they can be translated.
      updated with new strings
      updated with new strings
      add macro so new strings get found by xgettext, so they can be translated.
      add macro so new strings get found by xgettext, so they can be translated.
      add macro so new strings get found by xgettext, so they can be translated.
      updated with new strings
      updated with new strings
      print messages cleaned up for translations
      print messages cleaned up for translations
      updated with new strings
      cleanup code style
      updated with new strings
      print messages cleaned up for translations
      print messages cleaned up for translations
      updated with new strings
      add gettext macro to all log_error() messages.
      change w/out to without
      print messages cleaned up for translations
      updated with new strings
      Capitalize URL
      print messages cleaned up for translations
      fix typos
      updated with new strings
      fix minor typos
      fix minor typos
      updated with new strings
      advance all characters before notifying them of loads.
      add new translations, even though they are incomplete.
      update translations
      update copyright date
      update copyright date
      update copyright date
      update copyright date
      update copyright date
      update copyright date
      update copyright date
      update copyright date
      update copyright date
      update copyright date
      update copyright date
      update copyright date
      remove extraneous = from help strings option names
      fix typo with gettext macro
      regenerated the preformatted versions
      build a dump-gnash manpage too, since we now package it.
      build fb-gnash and dump-gnash packages too.
      add dump-gnash as an aliases to this manpage
      add dump-gnash manpage
      drop unused rules for optional package buulds, everything is selectable 
at runtime now.
      add fb-gnash and dump-gnash packages
      drop duplicate copies
      install the dump-gnash man page
      update for new packages
      remove extraneous man page 
      install manpage aliases as files, not links
      don't ignore man pages
      cleanup the handling of man pages
      remove unused preformatted tjay are now aliases the correct way
      install-man1 doesn't need to depend on EXTRAMANPAGES
      install-man1 doesn't need to depend on EXTRAMANPAGES
      fix typo in filename
      enable docbook, don't gzip man pages
      enable docbook, install info pages
      update copyright date, remove commented out block.
      add man page alises file to the dist
      keep NEXT_RELEASE at 0.8.10 till after the release
      update en_GB translation, regenerate pot file.
      correct typos
      correct typos
      fix typo
      tweak copyright message
      remove extraneous spaces in string
      change version to 0.8.10
      change version to 0.8.10
      revert time interval/FPS change for now.
      Do not edit /usr/lib out of the path, fremove the entire -L option path 
instead. For bug #35300
      Merge branch 'master' into release_0_8_10
      generate GNU style ChangeLog from git-log for release.

Sandro Santilli (183):
      Test for bug #32833
      Automate runner for test of bug #32833
      Fix bug #32833 for AGG renderer (render missing bitmap fills in solid red)
      Revert the change about missing bitmaps as it broke another test. Leave 
comments about the case right in the code.
      Have AGG renderer handle disposed bitmaps and missing bitmaps 
differently, fixing #32833 w/out breaking other things.
      Fix the missing and disposed bitmap in bitmapfill case for cairo too (bug 
      Distribute missing_bitmap.xml
      Set release date...
      Prepare for next turn (0.8.10)
      Do not advertise existance of non-existent gles renderer (single-line 
      Fix misleading comments about --hwaccel and --renderer
      Do not advertise unavailable omap hwaccel. Fixes ticket #32888
      Have GTK gui always trust RunResource about hwaccel and renderer. Have 
commandline parser use rcfile setting as a default, or first supported renderer 
otherwise. Fixes #32925 in a safer way.
      Have QT4 gui handle non-existent renderers by throwing an exception 
rather than assuming AGG. Have it trust RunResources to keep rcfile handling 
      As for renderer, read rcfile for the default mediahandler too. Fixes 
      Query movie_root for action execution timeout configuration.
      Handle ActionLimit exceptions thrown during movie advancement like the 
others, that is virtually asking user if he wants to abort execution.
      Implement yesno for GTK gui. Visible effect: you now get a popup when 
script execution takes over the time limit (default: 15 secs).
      Add note about the improved script limit user interface
      Add support for 'scriptsTimeout', 'scriptsRecursionLimit' and 
'lockScriptLimits' rc directives, testcase their support and use them from 
      Document scriptsTimeout, scriptsRecursionLimit and lockScriptLimits 
rcfile directives.
      Don't use an arbitrary string as a format
      Add support for scriptTimeouts in GTK preference window
      Don't write integers rcdirectives in hex form (after LCKey, that is)
      Complete GTK preferences support for script limits
      Reworded NEWS item about script limits
      _really_ continue on scriptTimeout if the user chooses not to disable 
      Make sure testsuite run is not affected by user-defined script limits
      The Rc test can't really test default values, as there's no way to 
construct an RcInit file w/out having it read the user rcfile :/ This commit 
sets the default values for script limits
      Do not execute any actionscript outside of the main loop. Fixes bug 
      Change the default urlOpenerFormat from "firefox -remote 'openurl(%u)'" 
to "xdg-open '%u'"
      Add binary test for
      Automatically run test for
      Fix testcase to use opcode 0xFF, not 0xFE (this way it's confirmed to 
segfault pre bastiaan fix)
      Distribute test_lastopcode_v6.swf, as we're using it during make check.
      ignore backup files (most notably gnashconfig.h~)
      Fix build: create_Renderer_ogl became renderer::opengl::create_handler
      Define output operator for SWF::TagType
      Fix build with DEBUG_SET_INVALIDATED defined
      safer path to string_table (invalidated ranges debugging)
      Print DisplayObject target rather than just name (st_invalidated 
      movie_root doesn't need MovieFactory.h
      Make sure to destroy movie_root before clearing the MovieFactory 
(library). This prevents MovieLoader (owned by movie_root) adding more items to 
the library, thus keeping SWF loaders alive and keeping Curl busy, with the 
consequence of aborts or segfaults on exit. Fixes bug #32579
      Comments cleanup
      Drop unused class members
      Check that invalidated ranges don't contain spot which aren't updated. 
This is an xfail in a jump-back case.
      Do not invalidate MovieClip on timeline rewind unless DisplayList really 
changes. Takes CPU use down in many cases (seen it from 100% to 8%)
      expect the new success in invalidated bounds detection
      Typo in error message
      Play all movies given on command line, serializing them. This is a basis 
for furhter evaluating leftover singletons. Not all GUIs are handling this the 
same way. GTK, in particular, seems to be getting old windows stuck.
      Use a separate Player for each movie on command line. Makes GTK gui 
survive, and it's cleaner anyway.
      Cleanup rules to build kde3-gnash. Fixes bug #31782
      Look for qxembed.h (used) rather than kapp.h or kapplication.h (unused) 
to tell if we're good to go kde3 with gui.
      Print KDE4_CFLAGS and KDE4_LIBS when building klash4 plugin (they will be 
      Have gprocessor fetch samples from the NullSoundHandler, to allow testing 
for sound events. Do not expect the relative failure in anymore.
      Add test for bug #31314 (Sound.onLoad, google dict). Expected to fail.
      Test that Sound.onLoad is called with an argument, true when load 
      Add callback for Sound.onLoad
      Implement onLoad callback for AS Sound object. Fixes #31314.
      Add note about Sound.onLoad and google dict
      Some steps forward in MediaParserFfmpeg::seek(). Fixes the google dict 
case (ticket #33085) and shouldn't break anyting since prior to this commit the 
function simply returned false...
      Do not stop probeTimer while playing embedded sound. Fixes bug #33091.
      Add "duration" and "position" named strings
      Use named strings for "duration" and "position"
      Add test for Sound.postition and Sound.duration (they fail for loaded mp3)
      Add test for Sound.position and Sound.duration when playing embedded 
sound (tests fix for bug #33091)
      Drop unused variables
      Add interface to get nominal frame rate from MovieTester
      Fix build scripts for dump gui (currently only builds if FB gui is 
selected :/)
      Do not try to write to a non-opened stream
      Print debug lines for ActionPushData to really print what's pushed, not 
what was on the stack _before_ pushing...
      Tweak debug lines
      Add automated test for embedded event sound .position, aka "tictac" 
      Fix leak on sound_handler destructor (only exposed when using 
NullSoundHandler, that is test runners...)
      Add automated test for bug #33176 (tags after last advertised frame)
      Make success condition pattern of last test (tags after last showframe) 
stricter (I've seen it give a false success otherwise)
      Flush "orphaned" tags (tags found after last expected showframe) right 
before executing tags of first frame. Fixes bug #33176 (SWF9/AVM1/April3.swf)
      Properly distribute tags_after_last_showframe.xml testcase
      Expect success in test for frames after last expected showframe
      Fix signed vs. unsigned comparison warning
      Fix typos reported in bug #33264
      Add note about compatibility fix (#33176)
      Do not complain about unexistent media handler if none was specified. 
Fixes bug #33339.
      Do not call .front() on an empty vector (the media handler list when 
--disable-media is given). Fixes bug #33338
      Put CPP code (rather than C) in revno.h, to reuse from ActionScript
      Pass -I$(top_builddir) to makeswf when building AS tests, to give a chance to find revno.h
      Encode dependency of every SWF file in actionscript.all on and 
      Print revision info in addition to rcsid
      Reduce rcsid to the sole base filename. Actual revision will be 
automatically printed by
      Another user requiring proper -I to find revno.h ...
      Fix MAKESWF flags for online-tests
      Re-enable building index for online tests, for some reason removed in 
commit 6afad08f5ac4416ac0205cd3c2df8ef703adc531 (which was unrelated...)
      Flushing of orphaned tags belong to action (not debug) logging
      Implement onSoundComplete for embedded event sounds, fixing bug #23020
      Use number of milliseconds since start as the log timestamp.
      Check that onSoundComplete is called at least once when all sounds are 
finished playing (test for #23020)
      USE_VAAPI conditional is not being used, so don't define it... This is 
trying to reduce confusion while debugging bug #33393
      Missing space in error message
      Use std::strerror to tell more about std::fopen failures
      Apply contributed patch to documentation to note gnashrc directives are 
case-insensitive [bug #33684]
      Try UTF-8 character in URL string, trying to reproduce bug #33718 
      Don't need c_str() to pass a string to our logger functions
      Don't need c_str() to pass a string to our logger functions (again)
      include <cstring> for strerror (see
      Add test for bug #33521 (constant pool used by functions). Fails.
      Fix runner for the new func_dict.xml test, add an afunc_dict.xml test for 
testing the constant pool bug with anonymous functions.
      Add another constant pool (dictionary) test. Showing more gnash bugs 
about it.
      Tabs to spaces
      Improve the test for dictionary use in function to show that when coming 
back from functions, the previous dictionary is again in effect
      Log once about SetTabIndexTag being unimplemented
      Add SeaMonkey to the list of browsers known to work (as reported by newl 
in IRC). Reword the section a little bit.
      Add End actions between DoAction blocks to show that availability of 
constant pool to different DoAction blocks is not due to some side-effect of 
missing End opcodes
      Unexpect ConstantPool successes, or fixing bugs ain't fun
      Have base MediaHandler use AudioDecoderSimple for UNCOMPRESSED sound.
      Add news about uncompressed sound support (was broken in 0.8.9)
      CallFrame: Drop item from stack before invoking actions in called frame.
      Add test for constant pool usage on CallFrame action (succeeds)
      Add test for constant pool and clip event code interaction (gnash fails)
      Make ConstantPool managed by VM
      I guess you need ConstantPool class files too...
      Don't loop 50 times in tests when a single run is enough
      Add a trace-based test for _root.onLoad user-function execution order
      Put RegisterClass tests in their own dir
      Be more verbose during execution of onLoad events
      Be verbose also about the second onLoad event...
      Assing a name to the clip-with-events too
      Fix abs_builddir
      Put INITACTION tests in their own dir
      Rename files to avoid mixing CamelCase with underscore_separated...
      Review and cleanup InitActionTest2.c
      Substitute "green" album cover with focused green-toned image (#33764)
      Substitute "lynch" album cover with focused red-toned image (#33764)
      Substitute "offspring" album cover with focused blue-toned image (#33764)
      Build in misc-ming.all before descending in subdirs
      Ignore generated 'libtool' and a test in misc-ming.all
      Add test for lastIndexOf with UTF8 characters (for bug #33718) -- gnash 
      Fix lastIndexOf with UTF-8 (bug #33718) - expect success in testcase.
      Add another test for UTF8 with indexOf, and simplify the fix for 
      Attempt to test #33754 (NewAdd with undefined) but gnash succeeds...
      Automate test for bug #33754 (gnash fails)
      Fix ActionNewAdd with short stack (bug #33754)
      Forgot to add shortstack.trace..
      Add test for frame0 actions execution order.
      Stop mc3 timeline at end of test, reduce frame rate to 1fps
      Move ChangeLog files in their own directory (under doc/)
      Fix path to ChangeLog files
      Queue onLoad events with a second liveChars scan in movie_root
      A fix and a tolerance improvement for test
      Fix libming warnings
      Add note about Captivate output support
      typo (#33841)
      Use a random SHM key, hopefully fixing conflicts in chrooted builds
      Use nanoseconds for the LC key, simpler, and HEX wasn't supported ...
      Add missing <map>, for composition (build on lenny failed otherwise)
      Update version 5 of test
      Update version 6 to 8 of test
      Fix build with GNASH_DEBUG_SOUNDS_MANAGEMENT defined
      Attempt to fix redefinition warning on hurd
      More results validation from wiki page
      Drop spurious newline from per-frame debug line
      Found another spurious newline
      Improve AS error log about registerClass to include supposed export id
      Remove unused code
      Reduce SharedLib constructors to 1, destructors to 0
      Sound.stop() invoked on an unattached Sound stops all event sounds.
      Add cross-reference from NEWS item to savannah ticket
      Revert to building the FB gui automatically by default
      Re-enable distribution of cygnal and libdevice.
      Revert "Re-enable distribution of cygnal and libdevice."
      Typo: DefineFone2 -> DefineFont2. See bug #34387.
      Unify message for Gui::hideMenu and Gui::showMenu, addressing issue #34428
      Add Midori to the list of supported browsers (webkit based)
      Update translation files [unchecked, to be reverted if found broken]
      Fix parsing of lossless 16bit bitmaps
      Fix message typo (#34651)
      Update translation files
      Few more translations in the italian po file
      Provide a thumbnailer for SWF files and GNOME desktop config for it.
      Distribute (#35075)
      Set release date (too late...)

Sebastian Parborg (2):
      Fixed made the gtk gui respect the Renderer option
      Made gnash choose the first available render as default.



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