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[Gnash-commit] [bug #46949] fb-gnash left console in unusable state afte

From: Nutchanon Wetchasit
Subject: [Gnash-commit] [bug #46949] fb-gnash left console in unusable state after exiting
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2016 05:52:28 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #3, bug #46949 (project gnash):

There seems to be another issue too: if `--once` option was not used, and
user quitted Framebuffer Gnash with SIGINT (pressed Ctrl+C on keyboard),
it will terminate _with Segmentation Fault_ in addition to unusable console.

Exact steps to reproduce:
0 Switch the machine to text console (using Ctrl+Alt+F1 on keyboard).
0 Login, and go to the directory which `12frames.swf` resides.
0 Run `ulimit -c unlimited` to enable memory dump on segmentation fault.
0 Run `fb-gnash 12frames.swf`, wait until five yellow boxes appear on the
0 Wait around 3 seconds.
0 Press Ctrl+C on keyboard; Gnash would terminate (but the screen would not
0 Blindly type commands to restart the machine, or press Ctrl+Alt+Del, or run
`fbtotext` <> to restore the
0 You'll see that there is a file named `core` in the same directory as
`12frames.swf`. If you run `fbtotext` instead of restarting, you might also
see the "Segmentation fault (core dumped)" message on the console and/or
"segfault" log entry in `dmesg` output too.

Debug log (verbosity 2 + action error) of this case is attached as
`12frames_gnash0.8.11dev-62cfdfe_normal.log`, and full GDB backtrace is
attached as `12frames_gnash0.8.11dev-62cfdfe_normal.gdb.log`.

Gnash: 0.8.11dev (git 62cfdfe 16-Jan-2016)
Framebuffer: inteldrmfb `/dev/fb0` 1366x768 32-bit RGBA
System: Debian GNU/Linux 7.0 Wheezy i386

(file #36138, file #36139)

Additional Item Attachment:

File name: 12frames_gnash0.8.11dev-62cfdfe_normal.log Size:3 KB
File name: 12frames_gnash0.8.11dev-62cfdfe_normal.gdb.log Size:14 KB


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