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[Gnash-commit] [bug #50174] `make check` failed, due to ming-related lin

From: Nutchanon Wetchasit
Subject: [Gnash-commit] [bug #50174] `make check` failed, due to ming-related link error
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2017 10:58:35 +0000 (UTC)
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Follow-up Comment #2, bug #50174 (project gnash):

>From observation under my configuration, `MING_VERSION_CODE` is not defined by
libming header, but is defined by `Makefile`(s) as a result of `./configure`
process; which is done as follows

  if test x"$MING_CONFIG" != "x"; then
    major=`echo $MING_VERSION | cut -d '.' -f 1`
    minor=`echo $MING_VERSION | cut -d '.' -f 2`
    micro=`echo $MING_VERSION | cut -d '.' -f 3`
    beta=`echo $MING_VERSION | sed -ne 's/.*beta\([[0-9]]*\).*/\1/p'`
    dnl This is a little screwy. The previous Ming release was tagged beta5,
    dnl but the newer one is tagged rc1. This makes it look like rc1 is older
    dnl beta 5 release, as it only looks at the last integer. So we fudge the
    dnl numbers so tc1 comes after beta 5. ie.. this looks like beta 6.
    if test -z $beta; then
      beta=`echo $MING_VERSION | sed -ne 's/.*rc\([[0-9]]*\).*/\1/p'`
      if test x"$beta" != x; then
        beta=`eval expr $beta + 5`
    MING_VERSION_CODE=`printf %2.2d%2.2d%2.2d%2.2d $major $minor $micro
    MING_PATH=`$MING_CONFIG --bindir`
    AC_PATH_PROG([MAKESWF], [makeswf], , [$MING_PATH:$PATH])

In my configuration, `MING_VERSION_CODE` became `00040400` in Makefile(s);
which they, in turn, do something like this:

$(CXX) -some -options -DMING_VERSION_CODE=00040400 sourcefile.cpp

Which is equivalent to doing this in C-preprocessor:

#define MING_VERSION_CODE 00040400

Then, they are used for things like this in CPP-processed ActionScript
and C

#if MING_VERSION_CODE >= 00040004

Gnash: 0.8.11dev (git ff92e0a 28-Jan-2017)
GCC: 4.7.2-5 (debian)
G++: 4.7.2-5 (debian)
Ming: 0.4.4-1.1 (debian)
System: Debian GNU/Linux 7.0 Wheezy i386


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