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[Gnash-dev] libtool and dependencies pollution

From: strk
Subject: [Gnash-dev] libtool and dependencies pollution
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2006 15:29:04 +0200

I've been struggling to build gnash with the latest
gstreamer release for about the whole week.
This are my current findings.

My main problem turned out to be a forced -L/usr/lib

I did update lots of macros to make sure gnash doesn't
add -L/usr/lib itself, still, libtool introduces it.

It seems that -L/usr/lib is found in a *lot* of .la
files installed system-wide, so that's probably where
libtool takes it from.

The final problem is that I have an older libglib-2.0
installed in /usr/lib and a *new* libglib-2.0 installed
in a custom dir (the new glib version was required by

So, what happens is that -lglib-2.0 ends up linking
against the version in /usr/lib instead that in the
version of my custom install.

Since stripping -L/usr/lib seems an impossible goal
(we don't want to skip parsing of .la files from libtool)
the only chance seems to be making sure that our own
custom LDFLAGS are *prepended* to the ones automatically
added by libtool.

I think there was a discussion about libtool upgrade
in the past, maybe this is the right time to get it in,
or does anybody has suggestions on how to force that behaviour ?


PS: I know, overriding /usr/lib with the new glib version seems
    a simpler approach, but I don't think builders should be forced
    to use a specific layout.

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