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[Gnash-dev] Cairo

From: Breght
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Cairo
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 08:58:42 +0200

Hello all,
we at Siemens VDO are investigating a Gnash port to an embedded device. One of the problems we ran into is the use of OpenGL which doesn't have sufficient performance when no hardware acceleration is available - even on the desktop. As we don't have hardware accelerated graphics on our device, software rendering will be used. We have played around with Mesa3D which turned out (surprise, surprise) to be too slow on our 266MHz device (and contributing quite an amount of footprint as well..). On top of this, the Gnash player needs to prepare its data ( i.e. triangulate) before it can be used with OGL which gives an additional performance penalty.
We are therefore interested in using Cairo (possibly with some adaptations for embedded devices - but that we will have to investigate later on) and a Cairo-enabled Gnash. We are willing to put effort in helping designing and implementing the Cairo-enabled version of Gnash. I am interested in your opinions regarding the approach to take in this process - i.e. you may regard this mail as an invitation for a discussion ;-).
Thanks in advance,
  Siemens VDO Automotive

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