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[Gnash-dev] Re: Removing render calls from parser

From: Rob Savoye
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Re: Removing render calls from parser
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 18:24:10 -0600
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strk wrote:

> Speaking of this, I think it would be worth creating a new directory
> and library (or using the existing swf/ one) and move all _def classes
> there. I'm sure there are some "parsing" classes that do *not* have the _def
> suffix and this makes it harder to understand what does what.

  Anything that makes it easier to navigate through the source files is
fine with me. My rough rule of thumb is it's nice when the output of "ls
-F" fits in one 80x24 terminal window. :-)

> I'd have a library for "parsing" and another one for "playing"
> (the latter would be the "virtual machine" maybe).

  I like this idea, because a parser library might be useful to more
people than just us...

> The 'swf' dir seems a good choice for "parsing" as it already contain
> the entry point for tag "loaders", while the ASHandlers (action handlers)
> class should go in the other (vm?) dir/lib.

  You mean moving the existing code out of server/swf, and into the top
level server directory ? We could move it to server/asobjs.

        - rob -

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