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[Gnash-dev] Cross-compiling / configure dependency checks

From: Hannes Mayr
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Cross-compiling / configure dependency checks
Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2006 09:38:50 +0200
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Hello guys,

as Udo already mentioned in the other thread we were able to cross-compile Gnash and to let it run on our embedded board (looks promising :). However, it was not possible to cross-compile the source out of the box and I had to modify configure (and macros) a bit. The main problem is that configure always checks - independend if the dependency is used or not - for a dependency and includes it into the Makefile if it gets found. This is especially a problem when doing cross-compiling as it finds and uses x86 libraries from the host pc.

I'm not an expert of autconf, so I don't know whats the normal way in this case, but maybe it could be a solution to include in every macro a switch (--enable-PKG=no) to disable the check. This is already done in opengl.m4, but is not available in others. Another point might be to only check for libraries/headers which are really used and to make the checks dependend from the choosen renderer and gui (why check for X11,SDL,GTK2,KDE/QT if the user has choosen AGG as renderer and framebuffer as GUI?).

BTW: I found a typo in jpeg.m4, line 99:
ac_cv_path_jpeg_lib=`(cd ${with_jpeg_incl}; pwd)`
should be
ac_cv_path_jpeg_lib=`(cd ${with_jpeg_lib}; pwd)`


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