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[Gnash-dev] Re: [Gnash] Gnash configure options

From: Markus Gothe
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Re: [Gnash] Gnash configure options
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2006 00:41:20 +0200
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Miriam Ruiz wrote:
> Hi,
> I was trying to create new packages for Debian from the CVS, but it seems that
> something has changed in the build system, as I got the next message:
> configure: error: You must use the kde GUI ( --enable-gui=KDE ) if you enable
> klash.
> It seems that, at compile time, you must choose between a GUI toolkit: GTK, FB
> (framebuffer), KDE or SDL, a rendering engine: OpenGL, Agg (experimental) or
> Cairo (experimental), and a sound handler: SDL, GST (Gstreamer) or NO (no
> sound), probably in an incompatible way. That makes a lot of possible
> combinations.
> If I'm not wrong, that makes a bit difficult to create binary packages for
> gnash, probably not only for Debian, but also for the rest of the distros. In
> fact, it's impractical to deliver packages for every possible combination.
> My first idea was to build a set of different packages for each main
> combination, probably GTK+OpenGL+SDL for gnash and the mozilla plugin,
> KDE+OpenGL+SDL for klash and the konqueror plugin, and maybe in the future
> also FB+Agg+SDL.
> The first obvious problem is that the libraries for each combination would
> share the same names, and so it would be impossible to have at the same time
> installed the plugins for mozilla and konqueror, for example. It's also a
> problem, unless the ABI was the same for every combination, to provide a
> development environment in the future, when the API was stable enough.
> Any ideas?

I think we should keep the DSO-names intact and create diffrent names on
the executables prefixed by the gui (fb-gnash, kde-gnash, sdl-gnash and
gtk-gnash respectivelity), which will share the very same DSO's/ABI (and
making it possible toonly build everything except gui and backend for
bundling into a package).

> Thanks,
> Miry


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