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[Gnash-dev] Something like FreeSwingTestApps for Gnash?

From: theUser BL
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Something like FreeSwingTestApps for Gnash?
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 15:51:20 +0000


Existing something like FreeSwingTestApps
by the GNU Classpath-Team, also for Gnash?

A side, where a lot of Flash-programs are published and where then stand, if it runs with Gnash or not.

For example, here are some games:

And here are some flex-programs, which don't run on Gnash:

Also I don't know, why you call Gnash a SWT-movie viewer. Isn't the goal to be 100% Flash compatible?

And then I have a last question: When is it planned to publish the next version of Gnash? It seems, that after 0.7.1 (from 07.05.2006), there have been something happend.


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