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[Gnash-dev] AGG renderer complete

From: Udo Giacomozzi
Subject: [Gnash-dev] AGG renderer complete
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 10:09:35 +0100

Hi all,

  my last commit to CVS (not 0.7.2 branch) implements all sorts of
  masks for the AGG renderer, including nested ones. With this one
  last change the renderer should support *everything* correctly,
  except for the yet missing video support.

  There is a known issue with adjacent shapes not being perfectly
  rendered (only for the anti-aliasing pixels), but it's only visible
  in some rare cases.

  However, all gradients, gradient overflows, transformations, curves,
  sub-shapes, masks, glyphs, outlines, cursors..... should be rendered
  correctly. In the case of masks it may support even more than the
  Flash plugin does (for example, text boxed are masked, while Flash
  simply does not render them at all when they're under a mask and
  AFAIK dynamic text does not work as a mask, while Gnash allows it),
  however outlines have been explicitely disabled inside a mask, to
  be compatible with Flash.

  The renderer uses damn much templates (note the AGG render handler
  is my first c++ code I wrote ever) and this probably results in a
  very bloated machine code. But it's a good thing because it speeds
  up rendering (specializations for many situations).

  Anyway, the AGG renderer re-implements many parts of the rendering
  process. First of all, it skips the tesselator. So, if you notice
  any errors while rendering that work with other renderers, please
  let me know.

  Otherwise I'll see to optimize the code a bit (possibilities noted
  in the code) and have a look at the ActionScript classes because
  there is certainly a lot left to do ;)


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