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Re: [Gnash-dev] Implementation: Doc vs. Code

From: strk
Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] Implementation: Doc vs. Code
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 12:22:49 +0100

On Sun, Nov 19, 2006 at 07:24:13PM +0100, Michael Meier wrote:

> I'm not sure about the tostring function: Should they pass
> "true"/"false" or "(true)"/"(false")? The latter is what I read in the
> ActionScript reference.

Sometime there are also differences based on target SWF version.

For exactly this purpose we're in the process of
publishing our actionscript testcases online, so that people with the
reference player can tell us wheter the testcase is correct or not. 
>From within the testcases, if any difference is reported based on
target SWF, we can use the OUTPUT_VERSION macro to check different
things (ie: expect different outputs).

> As I don't know an other place to post this to, I attached Boolean.h and
>  Boolean.cpp! Feedback welcome!

I took a look, and everything seems good to me.
In general, you can send patches to the savannah tracker.
(use cvs diff -N)


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