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[Gnash-dev] Re: gnash working on playstation3 - ps3

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Subject: [Gnash-dev] Re: gnash working on playstation3 - ps3
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 18:53:07 +0100


ok..i have now a gnash renderer working.
after 7 days and 1 ton of coffee i got a flash player working on my ps3-baby

for the renderer i choosed cairo compiled from source.

i made some screenshots (on the ps3 is vncserver running!!):

cell cat cpuinfo

gnash command call:

gnash test swf play:

its not so slow as i tought before. some examples like the
test_rotation.swf is not working got a segfault:

render_handler_cairo.cpp: 307 virtual void
gnash:.renderer:cairo::render_handler_cairo::begin_display(gnash::rgba,ini......etc...etc) "gr_cr_output" failed. iam thinking to optimize the renderer speed. i would like to askyou if the following way is a good idea: we dont have access to the ps3 hardware gfx hard. we only got a emulation mode. now i have 2 options: write an nividia driver for 
the rsx 70 chip, maybe in 2 years iam ready :) or try to implement the cell-spu to the cairo renderer. at the moment only the 1 of the 2 64bit ppc are running the compiled code.i study the cell sdk and it seems that the 8 spus have full memory access (thru the EIB). the sony sdk and libs are avaiavble in c. i made some "hello" world example with the sdk. 
its seems to be easy to communicate with the spus. is is a good idea to do optimation directly in the renderer or can i do something directly in the gnash code. sorry, i never develope openGL before. another question: i would like to give other ps3 user my compiled gnash binary but i dontknow yet how to bind all needed libs. can anyone help me here ? and sorry for my 
english, iam from germany :) thanks guys gary>>> ----- Original Message -----> From: "Christopher Halse Rogers" <address@hidden>> To: "Gerd Hilgemann" <address@hidden>> Sent: Tuesday, December 12, 2006 5:09 AM> Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] Gnash on Ps3>>>> On 12/12/06, Gerd Hilgemann <address@hidden> 
wrote:>>> hi,>>>>>> i have successfull compile gnash on the ps3.>>>>>> after some terror warnings and missed libs>>> i was able to build gnash with the sdl gui flag. now when i try to starta>>> swf i got a error message>>> "GLX" missing on display "0:0".>>>> 
Gnash's default rendering engine is "OpenGL".  Since you don't have>> the luxury of a hardware GL implementation, either you need to get>> mesa to fake it for you (which will be slow, and I'm not sure if it's>> possible) or you'll need to rebuild Gnash with a different renderer.>> The "--enable-renderer=" configure option 
is what you're after ->> choices are "opengl", "cairo" or "agg".  Which ones you can actually>> use will depend on what libraries you have available.>>>

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