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Re: Fw: [Gnash-dev] Re: gnash working on playstation3 - ps3

From: Rob Savoye
Subject: Re: Fw: [Gnash-dev] Re: gnash working on playstation3 - ps3
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 14:22:42 -0700
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:: :: wrote:

>> i have no sound at the moment. how can i enable the soundhandler ?

  Try --enable-sound=sdl. You can also use libMad instead of ffmpeg. Pay
attention to the configure output to see if you have everything
installed you'll need.

>> how about video playback ? can i playback other fileformats then flv ?

  Probably, but as the video support is brand new and still under
development, your mileage may vary...

>> i have ffmpeg installed incl. libavcodec and libavformat. whats about
>> http and rtmp streaming ?!

  RTMP and HTTP are used to transport the file being loaded over a
network connection. I'd stick to HTTP till I finish the RTMP support for

>> i will study in the next couple of week the code of gnash. i would like
>> to implement the ps3 spu processors for faster playing swf. i dont
>> know yet if its possible to add a dspUtil class for supporting altivec
>> with the spuĀ“s.

  Nokia added support for some DSPs to Gstreamer, you might want to look
at that. There is also Gstreamer support for sound in Gnash, although
the ffmpeg support works better.

>> i never done a binary installer on linux before. also here i need
>> some help.

  Depending on your packaging for the PS3, "make deb" (for Debian) and
"make rpm" (for Redhat) both work. Most of the time you just list the
dependencies, and the binary Gnash package just contains the Gnash

        - rob -

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