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[Gnash-dev] Re: [Gnash] help with gnash running

From: strk
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Re: [Gnash] help with gnash running
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2007 16:03:54 +0100

On Fri, Jan 05, 2007 at 02:39:00PM +0200, gery kahn wrote:
> strk wrote:

> >I've added support for those two tags (FILEATTRIBUTES and METADATA).
> >
> >Can you provide an url to that file so to check if it works somehow better 
> >now ?

Did you verify yourself ?

> >Better yet, can you produce an SWF on purpose for inclusion in Gnash 
> >testsuite ?

> i would be happy to write new test case, but don't know how.
> if u can give an example...

The Gnash manual should contain a good bit of informations about
writing testcases (see section 'testing'). If you have question
please ask them here on the list as we want the manual page to
be complete about this, which is an *important* way to help.

Examples of Ming-based tests can be found in testsuite/misc-ming.all.
For FILEATTRIBUTES and METADATA Ming will not be an option, as it doesn't
support them.

Binary-only SWF can't really work as examples, anyway it is still possible
to provide them and use the testing framework with them (seek for Dejagnu.swf
in the manual).

Other free compilers do not have support in our buildscripts yet, but only
because none of us is a user of them. Particularly interesting would be
setting up an environmnet for MTASC-based testcases.

How do you produce your SWF usually ?


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